CAPVERTO cryptocurrency exchange for the unbanked

Looking critically at the use and operations of the financial intuitions, either the credit house, banks or corporative lenders, one will see its just an institution serving a carved out niche of the economy. One thing peculiar about this financial institution is that for a customer to transact with them, you need to have an active account with them and be ready to be active with them or drop some collateral before you can make way with it or even secure a small loan.
But, little did it became clear that the proportion of the world populace that actively use bank for their traction, either in the storing and business deal or for fund sourcing is so minimal to start with. The percentage of unbanked and underbanked populace is so much and this is due to some of the heavy bureaucracy that plaque the financial institution.
How do we move forward, and improve this, led to the introduction of prepaid cards. This are card the owner need not open a special bank account with the bank, but can just buy the card already loaded with money, or deposit money directly into the card.
This new introduction brings many close to the financial institution, in that you don’t need to have a bank account, you only need a card and you keep recharging it. And this also helps people in many other way.
The cards are easy to use, and recharge, and with the added advantage that when you have an attitude of over spending, you can easily recharge your card base on what you expect to spend for the month and help curtail your spending.
This also protect the user against huge loss especially when such cards are stolen or misplaced or snatched, since its not all your saving.
And this is the background upon which CAPVERTO Exchange platform who is a cryptocurrency platform is ready to build her platform on.
Cryptocurrency came at such a time when the whole world economy is regulated by almost a single currency. The use of fiat currency is dominant and has climax to the point where everyone seeks for a bail out card from the system. Thank God for the cryptocurrency introduction and the diversification of the exchange system, and a newer way to store asset value.
CAPVERTO Exchange is set to merge or bridge the gap between the fiat currency and the cryptocurrency through the use of prepaid cards.
The vision of the platform is an exchange whereby the you can withdraw your cryptocurrency directly out via cashpoint as local currency.
So once you buy into the platform token and you stock up and acquire the prepaid cards which are in grades and package base on what individuals account hold, and this open unlimited world of new possibilities.
The prepaid cards can be used for daily activity business deal settling, point of sale terminals, help to manage your spending and prevent getting yourself into debt and regretting at the end of the month, and the big game of it all is. With just mobile phone, you can recharge your prepaid CAPVERTO card and keep moving.
The CAPVERTO Exchange platform has come to offer a handful of benefit to users, making unbanked and underbanked to also enjoy the goodies of financial institution with just meagre charges per transaction, which goes back to the users and also allow them to exploit the use pf cryptocurrency.

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