Some more Facts About NARI👩 SHAKTI💪 (Woman's Power).

WOMAN Empowerment or NAARI SHAKTI has been the most debatable chapter not only in Mediocre nations but even in the nations which are deemed as advanced and Trailblazer nations where females are very advanced pruned and groomed who know their rights who know their empowerment.

Naari Shakti is not a kind of movement for few social rights or bread and butter rights or domestic rights or matrimonial rights but Woman Empowerment concerns with Human Rights for every female on this planet. Most of the times female right abuse are due to Female Ignorance about her rights or totally in-action from female and as such female rights are ignored, neglected or Abused if women become absolutely privy to the fact about her empowerments and Entitlement then abuses Will be Mitigated To the lowest level.

Following factors are additional factors in the matter of women empowerment, entitlements or how we turn it "Naari Shakti"

  • Jean clerk Act ( New England School of Law)
  • Civil right act.
  • Class one Lawsuit.
  • Social, Workplace, campus or matrimonial molestation.
  • Occidental colleges Mired with harassment.
  • Man is Human, Women is a Woman.
  • Level playing field betwixt Yins and yangs.
  • Women of South California University.
  • Comfort Women.
  • Delhi classic case of "GANG RAPE".
  • The Malala YusufJai Case.
  • SilentPandemicc.
  • Abduction of 200 girls by Bokoharam in Africa.
  • 30% and 40% Female Quota in Japan and swedan Respectively.
  • Saudi woman not entitled to have even a Driving license.
  • Chastity Belt By Romans of Good old days.
  • Mumbaiker Hubbies snooping on their Wives Illegally.

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