harry potter and the chamber of secrets- Review

The second part of the masterpiece novel from Joanne Rowling “Harry potter and the chamber of secrets”.
if you have not read this book, you'd better not read this topic, since you'll pick up a bunch of spoilers that you do not need, I guess.
Book description: Harry our main character, after the summer holidays, returns to the second year of training at Hogwarts. And there he is warned of danger. Story begins when Harry is spending a miserable summer with his only remaining family, the Dursleys. During a dinner party hosted by his uncle and aunt, Harry is visited by Dobby, a house-elf. Dobby warns Harry not to return to Hogwarts, the magical school for wizards that Harry attended the previous year. But he does not want to listen to him, since he feels himself free and free to do anything at the Hogwarts (within the reasonable, school rules have not been canceled) and Dobby is trying to get harry planted under house arrest, but he is saved by the brothers Vinzli on a flying car Quidditch practices begin and Draco Malfoy is the new Slytherin seeker. On the field, he calls Hermione a "mudblood," insulting her Muggle heritage. Everybody in the school is alarmed. By doing some research, Harry, Ron, and Hermione learn that fifty years ago a chamber at Hogwarts was opened and a student was killed. Determined to catch the culprit, Ron, Harry and Hermione brew a potion called Polyjuice. The potion allows them to assume the bodies of Slytherins and question Malfoy on the Chamber of Secrets. They find out that Malfoy is not the heir of Slytherin. Harry enters the Chamber of Secrets and encounters Ginny's still body and Tom Riddle. Tom turns out to be a younger version of Voldemort, who has been enchanting Ginny through his journal. Harry calls for help from Dumbledore. A phoenix and a magic hat arrive. Tom summons a basilisk, but the phoenix punctures its eyes. The hat produces a sword, which Harry uses to kill the giant snake. Harry sticks a basilisk fang through the diary, destroying Tom. Ginny wakes up. Harry explains his adventure to Dumbledore. Lucius Malfoy storms into the office with his house-elf, Dobby, and Harry frees Dobby from by tricking Lucius into giving Dobby a sock. All is well in the castle as the students leave for their summer vacations.
My opinion: In fact, interesting to observe the interactions between teachers, bully and show the actions of Harry, on and Hermione. It was still a fun story. I also had recently re-watched the movie version, which made it even fresher in my mind, but I discovered that by watching the movie first and then reading the book, I got a fascinating look inside the mind of a screenwriter. While I had always liked the Harry Potter movies I have seen so far, I did not like them nearly as well as the books. I know this is a bit of a caveat from my book review, but I thought it worth mentioning for those who are critics of the movies like I have been in the past. Now on to my thoughts about the book. In this book, there are many mysteries of mysticism, new heroes appear, and this is all certainly a delight for the mind. And every detail is important and unique in its kind. But, “As an end of school treat, all exams are cancelled”. WTF!? What if you’re in your last year? Do you just get no qualifications? Do you have to repeat the year? Ohhhh, This moment

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