A good man is hard to find- Review

The story of Flannery O'Connor written in 1953.
Book’s contents: the family that lives in the state of Georgia decides to move to Florida. At this time they find out that the murderer, nicknamed "Outcast", escaped from prison. In addition, on the way they decide to go to a cafe where they talk with a man named "Red Sam". Red Sam enters the conversation and, complaining about his life, says that, no matter how hard you try, you are still stupid. On the rhetorical question, why with him so always happens, the grandmother answers, that, apparently, the reason is that he is a good person. Red Sam agrees with his grandmother and specifies that today a good person is not easy to find, no one can be trusted. After that, they continue the way and the grandmother remembers about a certain plantation located nearby and persuades to turn in that direction. Nevertheless, they got lost, car cranks and the first machine that comes out there turns out to be "Outcast". He kills everyone despite Granny's entreaties. Before her death, she said, "do not kill me because you are my son"
My opinion: Exciting and slightly frantic book, since in the end the question remains open. The author leaves everyone to think his own truth. 81mh4vlhEpL.jpg

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