Guy and Angels

English for the stories. Continuation of terrible stories.
Late at night, I was summoned to the prosecutor of the city.
"You know, they brought a guy to us."

  • He, drinking with his neighbor, told how ten years ago he dismembered two girls in our city. A neighbor told the local police about this. The guy was detained. I commission you to investigate the case. You will take all the materials in the police.

In the police, a young guy was brought to my office; his name was Alexander. Age about 30 years.

  • Tell me, whom did you dismember? I asked him.

He did not worry; he immediately began to tell with a fixed expression.

His story terrified me.

After graduation, I sold ice cream at the railway station.

Late in the evening my friend Konstantin came to me and said: "I met two girls, let's go have a drink with them."

Next to them stood two girls of 19 years.

I agreed, but since we had no money for a hotel room, and apartments, we went to the station where there were a lot of old railway cars.

With us, we took two bottles of cheap wine. Having settled in one of the carriages, they began to drink wine.

Two bottles for four was not enough, and Constantine gave me money, I added my own from the sale of ice cream and went to the nearest store.

I returned about 30 minutes later.

Entering the compartment, I saw a girl lying on the floor, and the second Constantine cut his throat.

A bag of wine fell out of my hands.

  • What did you do ?!
    "Hey, they refused to have sex with us, and I punished them."
    "You killed them!" What do we do.
  • What to do, what to do. Bury them, and that's it.

I was in a state of shock, and so my head did not understand.

"How are we going to get them through the station, there people?" I asked Konstantin.

  • And we will share them, your father has a chainsaw, so you go for her.

Uncertain what to do and how to proceed, I went for a chainsaw.

When I returned, I saw that Constantine had drunk the wine, which I had brought and was waiting for me.

"Come on, you drank, you know how to do it," he told me.

I started a saw and straight with clothes began to saw the corpses of girls.

The blood was pouring on the floor, the insides were falling out.

Constantine, wiping off the upholstery from the beds, began to wrap parts of his body in them.

Now it was necessary to choose a place where to dig in parts of the body.

Near the station, many private houses were built. Therefore, we decided to bury the corpses in the foundation of the house under construction, which was nearest to the station.

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