Dog and hand

My name is Kaisar. My English is bad. But i you will help me? For this i will tell you terrible stories. They all hapenned to me.
You will be scared to sleep!
I worked as a police investigator (detective?). I was twently one old when i went for the first time to inspect a corse (осмотр трупа)
The corpse was in the ground and only one one of this hands was visible
it was summer and it was hot. No body wanted to dig. Everyone was lazy.
Then the medical expert pulled his hand. He thought that so pull the copse out of the graund.
He did not succeed. The hand broke away from the body
The corpse disintegranted in the heat. The hand of the corpse flew to the side.
There were hungry dogs around. One dog grabbet her hand and began to run away.
We all chased after dog. Other dogs ran after us. We were Lucky.
We got into a police car. So other dogs did not catch up with us.
On the town square we saw our dog with a hand it the mouth
Five policmen in uniform a way a hand from a dog.
It was a horrible and simultaneously funny show. People stood around and could not understand what was happening
The dog realized that she lost the battl. The dog let go of her hand and ran away.
Then we dug up the corpse. He died his own death his. Relatives had no money for a funeral and they buried it in a vacant lot. I hope my English was clear to you.

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