Detective and vodka

The investigator on duty called me late in the evening after discovering about the corpse. Arriving together with supportive group at the given address we have found the corpse of a young man in the bathhouse.

The picture was clear. The young man fell asleep in a bath being in a state of intoxication, and his heart could not stand it.

We had to wait for forensic medical expert, because he was late, as always. He was to confirm the fact of non-violent death.

At that time, a relative called me and police officers for improvised dinner to commemorate the deceased.

I knew that among Russians everyone is expected to drink a little vodka during such commemoration, but I didn't know what do they mean by little. And on top of it as a police officers we have had an excuse to get drunk for free.

So, we all got drunk to the point of inability to move independently, while were waiting for the expert.

When the expert arrived, I had to do an examination of the corpse. My fingers could not hold the handle but I tried hard and did it the best I could.

Once again we expressed our condolences to our relatives and left.

In the morning, I had to report to the prosecutor with all of the incidents during the night.

When I began to look at my inspection report of the scene of the incident, instead of written proposals I had "waves" and "mountains".

So I learned my lesson. I have not been drinking while on duty since. That was my first and the last mistake.

Если в английском слово "поминки"?
Правильно ли это утверждение: That's not called wake, as wake is the ceremony at the Funeral Home before burying. Pominki is called a dinner after wake.

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