Dead girl and drunk expert

Horror stories. Pay with English.
Continuation of stories.
In hot weather, the dead body (corse?) of the girl was found in the river.
Her corpse was brought for examination. It was necessary to establish the cause of death.
The forensic medical expert was in a state of intoxication
(Alcoholic intoxication?). Because I drank (drink?) heavily last night.
Money, so he did not have to get drunk (опохмелиться - тo get drunk? ).
He really wanted to drink vodka.
The girl was naked and lying on the pathoanatomical table.
Near the table I stood and police officers.
This is murder. Said the expert.
We were surprised. There were many witnesses who saw that the girl was drunk and went far into the river.
People saw how the girl was dragged by the current of the river.
So we were surprised.
This can not be - we said.
Maybe - said the expert and grabbed the girl's pubic hair.
He pulled at his hair and they went up.
You see? Said the expert. They drowned, and then she was raped. Therefore, the pubic hair is raised up!
I'll write that she was killed and raped.
I and the police did not know what to say.
But! Said the expert. If you buy me vodka, I'll write that she drowned!
The police immediately agreed. They did not need another unsolved murder.
One of them immediately ran to the store and bought a bottle of vodka and two bottles of beer.
The expert smiled and smoothed the pubic hair of the girl. The murder did not happen!

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