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Yumerium ICO Review.Best Blockchain Gaming Platform.

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About Yumerium ICO
This Korean ICO plans to hasten the evolution of the gaming industry by giving gamers, then, the ability to earn tokens from doing something they will naturally enjoy – playing games and engaging with game developers’ content.

The idea is that these tokens can then be spent on items useful within the Yumerium gaming eco-system or sold outside of that eco-system for other crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin.

The ICO will first fund the creation of games to run within the Yumerium platform. Once that platform is up and running, it will then be opened up to third party developers through a suite of SDK kits.

Youmerium as a driver for acquisition:
Each game on the Yumerium platform will be allocated with the initial seeding Fund in YUM to attract new gamers to the game. Consequently, a gamer will earn YUM by playing, sharing, reviewing game. Gamers who have YUM will use YUM to pay for game money. Game developers can use YUM that they have to attract and engage with users by using marketing tools such as referrals bonus or airdrop/bounty campaign.

Yumerium as a Gaming Community:
Yumerium is a gaming community where gamers share their experiences with other gamers which is a true form of viral marketing. Gamers will be properly compensated with YUM for such efforts. Game developers can set up rewards for the gamers with Yumerium as they want. Through this reward system, gamers will be more incentivized to participate in the community proactively.

Yumerium as a Crowdfunding platform:
Yumerium will help indie game studios run crowdfunding campaign within Yumerium community, the place where the true game lovers are. Run a crowdfunding campaign and get it funded. Yumerium contracts show how much has been pledged and automatically transfers funds. Developers can also set tiered transfers to receive a percent of funds until milestones are reached, making for more transparent development.

Yumerium as a decentralized Payment Gateway:
With blockchain technology and smart contract, Yumerium will decentralize the payment system by removing middlemen from the transaction between gamers and game developers. Payment can be done instantly and transmitted to game developers and whoever has the right to take her share per smart contract with minimum transaction fee much lower than the fee conventional PGs charge and work globally without FX risk.

Yumerium Token Details

The number of Yumerium tokens at the time of the initial release is capped at around 630 million. After the platform release is completed, an additional 184 million tokens will be kept in a reserve budget that will serve to further develop the Yumerium ecosystem. The release set of Yumerium tokens will be divided into four categories:

Token Sale: Half of all YUM tokens initially released will be available for purchase during the token sale
Network Seeding: 20% of Yumerium tokens will be used to seed the network
Team and Advisors: 20% of tokens will be used to compensate the team and advisors
Reserve: The remaining 10% of tokens will be held in reserve for unanticipated circumstances

About Team and Advisors
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About ICO:
Token Symbol: YUM
Pre-Sales Phase 3 End Date July 11th
Main Token Sale: July 11th – July 24th
Token Price: $0.1 USD
Total Supply: 500 Billion
Token Standard: ERC20
Soft cap 3 000 000 USD
Hard cap 20 000 000 USD

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