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New opportunities

Spending some time in certain game is great, but in most cases, you just have to pay for this game and then buy several DLC just to improve your user experience. Moreover, you do not have the real opportunity to affect the pricing or the development process, because such giants as EA or Steam want to control them on their own.

Some say that it is great approach, cause great projects need a lot of money and professional production. They may me right, it is pretty hard to find single indie game that can be described as AAA, but now things can be changed and every interested person may become the part of it.

What is decentralized gaming?

When you hear about blockchain games, Crypto Kittens seems to be the first thing that comes up to you mind. The market is full with its clones and it is the main reason for ordinary gamers to ignore this part of industry – such games allow to make money, but they do not allow you to have fun, while gaming should be addictive and pleasant.

Tedchain is here to change the situation. The entire team want to create the project that will be interesting for gamers and that will allow them to earn money. Not just several ingame coins for watching the certain amount of ads every day, but real chance to earn tokens through gameplay. Tedchain team focus on MMORPGs, which seem to be the most popular and widespread gaming genres all over the world.

Indeed, it is hard to create the full-fledged game and scale it, especially in terms of modern competition, but it will be much easier with the usage of blockchain technology. The reason is simple: players and developers can interact directly, without brokers, which are taking the most of profits just for nothing. In such conditions, the games will be cheaper for both the producer and the gamer.

Say goodbye to Pay2Win

One of the most annoying parts of “free games” is that they are not free at all. Sometimes you have a chance to obtain certain item after several month, while other person may just buy it. Such scenario is fair, in comparison with the games, where some items may be only bought for the real money and there is no other way to get them.

Tedchain understand the gamers, so there will be no such situations. Moreover, if you are interested in becoming the part of the future of the gaming world, you still have an opportunity to buy tokens for the lowest price during the ICO. Check the official portal to find more about the Tedchain development strategy.

Website- http://tedchain.network/

Whitepaper- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bP2SPF4-s1PcPkJWzfc4cRNGfVQnOhMf/view

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