Tedchain- Centralized marketplaces should go away

Cruel reality
Today most of the mobile games are distributed through two biggest centralized marketplaces, which are available on two most popular OS. You get it right; I am talking about Google Play and App Store. Both of them have one major disadvantages; they were designed to make profits for their owners, but not for providing gamers with the best titles.

You may say that it could not work in such way, teams do care about gamers too, so they recommend me the best games, and most of them are free, but you are so wrong. Let us start of Android, which seems to be much more widespread.

Free apps are full of annoying advertisements. Get me clear: I am okay with ads, but they should not impact users experience, so I get extremely disappointed, when the giant banner appears on the screen just in the middle of the fight. It is real problem, but the developers do not care about you, they do care about money.

One more way of earning money on gamers is donations. As you might guess, I am OK with donations, but only in cases, when you may both get items for free or to pay for them. Yeah, you may spend a lot of time, but you may get it for free. In the same time, some developers provide items that could be bought for real money, but could not be obtained through gameplay. It make games imbalanced.

Blockchain could solve these issues

If we are talking about App Store, most of games are paid and, as for me, 99 cent or too much for almost 70% of them. However, developers have no choice, they could not make price less. Such condition are inappropriate and they do need to be changed. Fortunately, blockchain revolution give an opportunity to release a lot of different ideas, so the Tedchain team had used their chance to change the situation.

Tedchain is decentralized solution for both gamers and developers, which could increase profits and improve user experience. It is simpler that you can imagine. Developers do not have to overpay marketplaces anymore, so they have much more funds for actual development and for marketing. It means the ability to try completely new methods of gamers’ acquisition.

Just imagine that you get several Tedchain tokens just for installing and trying out of new game. If you like it, it is great: just keep on playing to earn even more tokens. In opposite case, you may just keep your tokens, sell them on the external exchanges or use in any other game within the ecosystem.

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