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This is too much

Hello everybody! It seems that one more scandal that is related with purchases in the games, which you had already payed before is going to start and Activision seems to be in center of it. They want us to pay for the game and then pay for the deluxe upgrade to get all additional content. Moreover, you have no right to choose which exact item you would like to get. It seems like robbery to me and I hope that gamers will be heard. It would be great to have a system, which allows performing voting, wouldn’t it? Fortunately, Tedchain will have such option.

I have discovered this platform for myself several days ago and I found out that goals of Tedchain team could be understood by the every gamer all over the world, because we face the same issues, no matter what county do we live in. Let me introduce them:

  • Eliminate pay to win. I am tired of hearing about the “free games”, where you need to spend hundreds of dollars for in-game improvements, because there is no other option of getting of some important items. Therefore, you are strong until you pay and the person, who payed more than you, is stronger. It is nonsense and it need to be eliminated from every game.

  • Give players right to trade in-game goods freely. You spend a lot of time in game, you obtain several valuable items, but you cannot sell them, because it is restricted by the rules. Such approach demotivates gamers and decreases the value of in-game items. Project that do not understand it, do not last long.

  • Games is about fun. CryptoKittens and their clones have terrible gameplay and the only thing that keeps gamers in is an ability to earn some money. Tedchain allow developers to provide gamers with opportunity to earn tokens without sacrificing the gameplay and this is just what I need.

Gamers deserve to be heard!

Tedchain will have in-built voting system. It means that developers could interact with the gamers, listen to their opinion and perform appropriate changes. Finally, gamers can express their thoughts and be sure that these thought are noticed. For some of you it may sound like some sci-fi, but blockchain gives an opportunity to implement such systems, but major studios ignore it because they are about earning money. Thus, they look for the better ways to earn money, but not to provide the gamers with the best gameplay experience. Several years ago, such way would work, but not we are living in the dawn of blockchain era and it is going to start digital revolution that allow gamers to take the power back!

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