Combining shopping with mining- MOZO

Blockchain is everywhere!

Several years ago, almost nobody knew about the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining, but nowadays almost everybody know about all these terms. But knowing does not mean understanding and rare cases of selling of BTC in physical equivalent demonstrates it the best. 

Mining is in the similar position. Most of you think that mining requires powerful PC’s with expensive GPU. In addition, you need to have programming skills and ability to write smart contract on your own. In fact, today almost every action may be performed as mining, because mining itself is the process of obtaining coins. For example, one platform may offer you tokens for answering the polls, another – for creating unique articles, while Mozo allows you to mine tokens during regular shopping. 

You may notice that concept is pretty similar to loyalty programs, but there is not so much in common. However, lets make a closer look to understand the things. 

Offline beats online? 

How often do you visit offline shops? Not just to buy some water or food, but for other needs. Research show that in last several years more and more people prefer online stores, because the prices are better and there is an ability to get the items up to your door thanks to the delivery services. So do all this shops at supermarkets and malls have any visitors? Moreover, do they really have a chance to survive through digital revolution? Thanks to IoT and blockchain development, it is more than possible. 

Customers, who prefer to buy stuff online, do face several major issues. First they do not have an ability to touch the product. In some cases it does not matter, but if we are talking about clothes, shoes, furniture (and many other things) you need to be sure that item fits you and your needs. 

Second is price difference, which is much lower than expected. In most cases, online and offline stores may offer almost the same price, so the buyer saves 1%, while this person thinks that he saves 5% or even more. 

Third one is delivery cost. Prices are rising every year, so it may be even more profitable to you to get to the shop on foot or by car then order deliver. By the way, it is popular delusion, that buying in online shop is better, so we highly recommend you to compare not price only, but price plus delivery costs. 

Mozo: earn via shopping

Mozo is similar to loyalty programs, but it is much more secure, effective and profitable. Team presented concept of “Token of discovery” because it motivates buyers to visit as much different shops as possible and to compare the prices and to check new items. 

The process is simple: owner of the shop in the mall or wherever else installs special device, which could interact with app on you mobile phone. Every time you enter the market and spend some amount of time on picking items or perform a resultative action, you get tokens. Tokens are similar to any other cryptocurrency and they are compatible with Ethereum and Solo blockchains, It means that you may use them as the payment method, send to other person or to sell them on exchange.

Therefore the more shops you will visit looking for a best option, the more tokens you will get. There are some other ways of mining crypto during shopping, so you should visit Mozo site to find out more! 

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