ZANTEPAY is the multi-wallet of cryptocurrency integrated with Mastercard prepaid, supported by an Estonian private bank, powered by AI. ZANTEPAY would provide the ability to spend, record and trade digital currencies. ZANTEPAY Portfolio would allow users to trade effortlessly between BTC, ETH, LTC, ZNX and the fiduciary currencies, especially USD and EUR. The ZANTEPAY wallet is complemented by a prepaid card, which would allow users to quickly access funds stored in crypto currency. ZANTEPAY offers solutions:

The ZANTEPAY prepaid card user can spend their BTC, ETH, LTC and ZNX (more crypto currency coming soon) anytime, anywhere.

ZANTEPAY works for better (cheaper) exchange rates for customers.
The ZANTEPAY wallet will allow to name a beneficiary in the event of death of the owner of the account.


The ZANTEPAY portfolio is the basic product that forms the basis of all existing fee-generating services. We will offer a crypto multi wallet hosted (BTC, LTC, ETH, ZNX support, more crypto currency will be added at a later stage) and simple and integrated exchange services.

The ZANTEPAY wallet app will allow you to buy, sell, send, receive and exchange your ZANTECOIN in the easiest and safest way possible.
With the ZANTEPAY wallet, you will also be able to manage Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Zantecoin directly from your ZANTEPAY wallet and assign your portfolios to your ZANTEPAY card according to the selected preferences.
Buy BTC and altcoins with SEPA payment or with debit / credit card.


The ZANTEPAY prepaid card will be launched in late 2018 to become one of the fastest digital currency cards on the market. It will allow all holders of BTC, LTC, ETH, ZNX cryptographic currency to spend their coins, online or otherwise, anywhere that accepts traditional payment cards.
ZANTEPAY Marstercard ® is supported by a private bank in Estonia.
Allows you to shop with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Zantecoin anywhere in the world.
Automatically delivers the highest trading price of partner exchanges. 1% of exchange fees. No hidden fees.
20% cashback at ZANTECOIN.

In order to provide the best customer experience and low fees, we will build the ZANTEX exchange. The beginning of development is planned for 2019 Q3. The ZANTEX exchange will also be integrated into the ZANTEPAY portfolio.


New cryptocurrency for the general public
Acceptable everywhere Mastercard
Referral and cashback bonus in ZNX
The service charge can be paid in ZNX.
All fees in the ZANTEPAY ecosystem 50% using ZANTECOIN
ERC 20 token

September 2017- January 2018

The team of 10 professionals, including coders, designer, lawyer and CFO was
February 1, 2018

Deal with an Estonian private bank, issuing a prepaid Mastercard® for
February 15, 2018
Beginning of the private sale
March 2018

MVP is in test mode
March 15, 2018
Pre-ICO start
March 15 to June 15, 2018

OIC Part I - Part III
Q2 - Q3, 2018

Extension of the team to 30 employees in Tallinn HQ
August 2018
Public launch of ERC20 ZNX
Q3 2018

Launch of ZANTEPAY Multiwallet
Q4 2018

Launch of the ZANTEPAY debit card
1st quarter of 2019
IA 1st stage Integration
Q2 2019
AI 2nd stage Integration
Q3 2019

Beginning of the development of ZANTEX exchanges
ZNX Pre-sale ICO

During the ICO, a total of 600,000,000 tokens will be distributed to users.
On March 15, 2018 at 19:00 Tallinn time, ZANTEPAY will launch its pre-ICO to distribute 30,000,000 ZNX. The price of a token during the pre-ICO 0.05 € (the minimum purchase amount is 0.01ETH).
There will be a total of 2,000,000,000 ZNX. There will be no more ZNX Tokens created after the ICO, the amount will be capped.

Everyone will be entitled to a referral commission, paid weekly; this will consist of 20% net trading income. Payment can be paid in ETH.

Each cardholder will get 20% ZNX cashback (*) on all purchases with ZANTEPAY debit card;
Each cardholder will be able to spend ZNX in the local currency with ZANTEPAY card;
Each cardholder will be able to exchange to BTC and other crypto currencies.

Only ZANTEPAY users can participate in the ZANTEPAY ICO. Users without a ZANTEPAY account should sign up on before they can proceed to the ZANTEPAY account, where the ICO participation link will be distributed.

Purchasing ZNX Tokens
Each ZNX token will be sold at a fixed price in ETH. ZNX tokens will be available for purchase in the ICO participant personal account. Tokens will be delivered to the user's specified wallet shortly after the the ICO concludes.



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