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 💥 Dear friends, I welcome everyone on my blog! Today I will tell you about a very interesting ICO project. We will discuss how is implementing blockchain technology in the development of the decentralized news industry, and we will also talk in more detail about the details of the ICO.

  • is a news aggregator whose goal is to make Internet media and celebrities more responsible for what they publish. It saves a copy of everything they do, and puts everything they edit or delete in the spotlight. Every Undelete news user can track all or famous social networks, even if they are not on our website. Follow the link to add someone to the list of people you track, and see what they publish, edit or delete.
  • What is news? The definitions range from simple, general, such as "no matter what people do not know" and "nothing new", "timely information" and "what people want to know". In accordance with the definition of "water cooler", commonly used, news is what the office staff around the cooler talked about. However, the definition of news can and should be much more complicated. In addition, journalists should take into account that, although there is no restriction on what people want to know, what they need to know is another problem.
  • Memory is a revolutionary data warehouse that uses blockchain technology as the basis for its development. The mission of Memory is to create a self-sufficient ecosystem that includes many applications to meet the needs of companies, government organizations and people in the ultra-secure storage of all kinds of valuable data.
  • The memory API allows third-party developers to create desktop and online applications for decentralized encrypted storage of various types of data without extensive research into the technical details of blockchain technology. The developers of these applications receive compensation for a portion of all charges for storage of files downloaded their applications.
  • Right now, the platform is Memority ICO , left quite a bit to 5 000 000 USD softcap.

💥 Check out this project in more detail by visiting the official website of the company

💥 Why is it worth supporting this project:

💥 team, absolutely all its employees work for the benefit of the company and are always ready to help in any matter. They are always in touch and do not lose sight of. Indeed, at the current moment, when we are talking about ICO projects, this fact is very important.

💥 All prototypes made by the development team are publicly available, now you can familiarize yourself with and try out this system.

💥 The leaders of this project have tremendous experience in doing business of this kind and, certainly will succeed.
💥 On this site you can visit the "Team" section and see the profile of each employee in Linkedin, and also you can see the entire Memority team. Here you can consult and analyze the experience of each person as much as you want.

💥 participates in all sorts of crypto, blockchain forums, making serious contracts.

💥 After reading this blog, you probably will have questions. Be sure to ask them in the official sources of


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