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Platform Odem

Dear readers, hello everyone! Today we will consider a very original ICO here called ODEM. Let’s read all explanation about!
⚡ Introduction to ODEM ⚡
ODEM can be a complete platform that allows students, educators, and educational repairers to participate in an extremely direct, suburban, and time-consuming market. It allows participants to search, select and purchase existing educational materials as well as to create, inquire and discuss personalized and personalized educational experiences. As with online education providers such as Coursa and Khan Academy, the ODEM platform focuses on providing educational programs from nose to nose and in real time. For this reason, the ODEM platform aims to provide not only the delivery of a course, but also the related services and to come with the unit included in the accommodation.
ODEM is simply a market for education. Through smart contracts, Ethereum argues that the agreement between students and teachers is achieved with the least possible involvement of intermediaries. Profitable tokens on the platform can serve as a standard currency to facilitate cross-border payments and encourage faculty members to keep their rates current and relevant. Our dream is to make accessible to everyone the education of the simplest educators in the world.


⚡ Odem platform ⚡
In the case of the ODEM platform, the use of the public Ethereum network ensures that the system is secure, such as access to the platform and the periodic hashes of the state of the platform entity being transmitted in the public network. At the moment, the practicability of the ODEM token is considered to be complicated enough to allow the team to appreciate the EVM of Alan Turing Complete versus Stellar for the public token in general. However, the use of the Ethereum network is not kept to a minimum in order to avoid the excessive transaction prices in ODEM.
In the ODEM platform, Ethereum can ensure, especially with good agreements, that the "service area" area is very "unsafe". "Uncertain" does not mean they can not be sure, but the need to trust each other is not necessary. In a proper manner, this means that a student must buy services from service providers who are on the other side of the world without meeting them, even if they do not know if they are honestly a service provider or not. The payment service of the ODEM platform is created with inherent cryptocurrency, associated with the ERC-20 icon, especially the ODEM icon (ODEMT). This feature makes it a typical splitter that also makes low-cost transactions valuable such as fast and safe trading money on the platform. Within the ODEM platform, suppliers are encouraged to link the forum with free initials derived from Token Rewards Token Distribution. When service providers have signed up and create profiles, they must follow the taxpayer's tariffs.
Token Sale
-Total Tokens: 396,969,697 Tokens to be sold via the
-Token sale: 238,200,000
-Type: ERC20 of Ethereum blockchain
-Accepted cryptocurrency: Eth
-AML/KYC requirement to participate in the Token sale: Yes
-Start date: Dec. 10, 2017
-End date: Dec. 31, 2017
-Price per ODEM (pre Token sale) for 58,200,000 ODEMT: €0.0375
-Minimum buying limit: 200,000 ODEMT
Token Sale.
-Start date: Feb. 17, 2018
-End date: Mar. 19, 2018
-Price per ODEM (Token sale) for 180,000,000: €0.05 (equivalent price in Ether ---will be updated 24 hours before the Token sale)
-Maximum buying limit 2,000,000 ODEMT tokens for first hour
Ann Tread BTT:
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