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ICO review - #Imusify 🚀

 💥 Dear friends, I welcome everyone on my blog! Today I will tell you about a very interesting ICO project. We will discuss how Imusify is implementing blockchain technology in the development of the decentralized music industry, and we will also talk in more detail about the details of the ICO.

  • With the increase in the digital environment, many artists earn very little. Artists are currently being exploited because of the existing shortcomings in the modern central music system. In addition, there is a problem of transparency in the sector that contributes to low incomes, inefficient licensing processes and the inaccuracy of the goods. As big organizations continue to grow and retain artists' revenues, artists are struggling to get a fair and stable income.
  • Another problem facing the music industry is the connection clip. While global users can easily get the music they need, there are big differences between music creators, co-authors and shareholders. This makes it almost impossible for participants to exchange ideas and resources.
  • On the Internet there is a lot of different material associated with music, the activity of intermediary organizations of various kinds is also strong, so often valuable and unique content is lost. After all, it often happens that intermediary organizations determine the degree of suitability of a musical creation and do it not always objectively.

💥 The solution

  • Decentralization of music content in its industry. So, such a project as "Imusify" with the help of a combination of innovative types of protocols and frameworks suggests to establish direct active and two-way interaction of authors and fans, as well as other third parties. The project uses the most advanced tools in the field of streaming data, sharing content and data, social networks, etc. When referring to the project, no intermediary is needed, and problems connected with the involvement of intermediaries can be solved without problems. The principle of fair pay for the creators of content is proclaimed, and new types of cooperation are offered, stimulation of the authors' activity and much more.

💥 About «Imusify»

  • Imusify is a music and ecosystem platform designed to provide an open source space for developing new means of distribution, consumption and music interaction.
  • Imusify's self-publishing platform creates an effective system for artists and content creators to network and collaborate, and maintains direct ownership of their work. to The IMU Token will be used as an engine for imusify's proprietary music economy, creating enormous potential value for using the token as a means of giving value to the artist, fans and other participants.
  • Imusify solved these problems by creating a completely decentralized music market and using a combination of protocols and frameworks. This platform integrates best practices from community mobilization, online streaming, media sharing, social networking, and traditional economics. In this way, imusify eliminates the need for existing intermediaries, ineffectively solving, provides transparency, and ensures people receive enough rewards for their contributions. Use cases include community-based artists, transparent royalty payments, incentives for organizing, developing open source and networking.
  • The project "Imusify" will "take" the best tools of the "Blockchain" platform, with the help of which there is no need for the existence of intermediary firms. Remuneration for the work performed will be fair, copyright and licensing procedures will be respected.
  • The interface in the project "Imusify" is simple to understand and use, and to work with smart contracts, the user does not need much knowledge and skills. A programming language called "Neopython" will also be used. "Imusify" seeks to revolutionize the music industry.

💥Possibilities of Imusify

  • The presence of an audio player through which all types of music content (songs, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.) on
    platform and their subsequent distribution.
  • The "Curate" technology, thanks to which the authors can easily transfer your music content on the platform and then share it with others people.
  • A simple way to instantly create and share music playlists on the platform. And users will vote for those or other posted materials, maintaining good content and contributing to liquidation of the bad. For such actions, all users will receive tokens
  • "IMU", and on "Imusify" there will always be only an approved good quality content.
  • Channels with playlists. The user can set his own channel and register there the appropriate tags and designate a classification on topics, as well as attract people and subsequently limit the circle persons who will have access to this channel.

💥 Check out this video by watching this video

💥 The Imusify platform will be built around the internal IMU token. Token standard NEP-5, based on the network NEO. Distribution and transmission of tokens is carried out using the IMU contract, which operates on the NEO network. Also, token holders will receive priority support in technical support, exclusive discounts and bonuses.

🚀 ICO Details

  • ICO date - Unknown
  • Token name - IMU
  • Token type - NEP-5
  • Platform - NEO
  • Token price Pre-ICO - 1 IMU = 0.044 USD
  • Token price ICO - 1 IMU = 0.05 USD
  • Accepting - NEO, BTC , ETH, LTC, XMR, BCH, DASH
  • Soft Cap - 1,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap - 25,000,000 USD
  • Country - Estonia
  • MVP -

💥 Why is it worth supporting this project:

💥 Imusify team, absolutely all its employees work for the benefit of the company and are always ready to help in any matter. They are always in touch and do not lose sight of. Indeed, at the current moment, when we are talking about ICO projects, this fact is very important.

💥 All prototypes made by the Imusify development team are publicly available, now you can familiarize yourself with and try out this system.

💥 The leaders of this project have tremendous experience in doing business of this kind and Imusify, certainly will succeed. Here is a team of project professionals:

  • DAVID WALTERS - Chief Executive Officer
  • TADEJ KREVH - Chief Technology Officer
  • DINA YEDIGEYEVA - Senior Finance Officer
  • JENNIE LEGARY - Chief Marketing Officer
  • NATE STRANG - Chief Operating Officer
  • LUKA PREGELJ - ICO Manager / Legal & Corporate Affairs
  • GIJS VERHEIJKE - Business Development
    💥 On this site you can visit the "Team" section and see the profile of each employee in Linkedin, and also you can see the entire Imusify team. Here you can consult and analyze the experience of each person as much as you want.

💥 Imusify participates in all sorts of crypto, blockchain forums, making serious contracts.

💥 After reading this blog, you probably will have questions. Be sure to ask them in the official sources of Imusify:


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