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 💥Good friends, I greet everyone on my blog! Today I will tell you about a very interesting ICO project. We will discuss how DAEX is implementing blockchain technologies in the decentralized clearing industry for exchanges, and we will also talk in detail about the details of the ICO.

  • The cryptocurrency world continues its super successful expansion, and in many countries give a good crypt. Wherever you meet a person, he just can not help knowing the word Bitcoin, I'm not talking about other more popular coins. The person's interest in this world is a huge plus because the countries for a good percentage improve their economy and people increase their welfare by using the cryptocurrency tool wisely.
  • Cryptocurrency also has the opposite side, the more gloomy side. Very often hackers attack and steal valuable data, and people become victims of not safe companies, therefore, there are cases of loss of funds without return. And what becomes the main juicy piece for hackers? - Of course, centralized exchanges, and they have long been their top priority in hacking. This practice is quite common, and it's not necessary to go far past Bithumb, where a lot of bucks in the cryptocurrency were stolen, according to estimates, this price varies up to 30 million dollars. During the attack, Bithumb ranked sixth in the world in terms of trading volume in 24 hours. This will be practiced for a long time without fundamental changes in the infrastructure of the exchanges themselves.
  • DAEX is a clearing solution for the centralized exchange of crypto-currencies. The clearing service is based on distributed accounting technology. The rules for clearing and settlement are programmed in smart contracts in DAEX clearing. In addition, digital assets of customers are registered and stored on DAEX. No other institutions or individuals can access these assets without the permission of the owner.
  • Perhaps the word 'Clearing' is not quite clear, I'll explain in a simpler language so that you have an idea of it. Just to say, this is a kind of non-cash settlement, and in more detail, this is a financial procedure in which the clearing company is a buyer and seller of the two parties, with the purpose of securing orders between the parties and establishing an offset against the terms of the balance of payments.
  • DAEX intends to provide an efficient and better infrastructure for the exchange of cryptocurrency using blocking technology on the securities market, and all its advantages and potentialities. Thus, the exchanges themselves, which are centralized, have the ability to maintain a trade service and at a time when centralized exchanges have a dominance over the decentralized aspects of both liquidity, the abundance of assets, and infrastructure. But do not forget about the wonderful properties of blocking technology, so it gives transactions a guarantee of security and balance.


DAEX developers in the project engine have added many different functions:

  1. The purse. There is a purse where you can trade on a wide enough choice of exchanges, trades are carried out without transfer of assets to the stock exchange, more precisely, temporary storage.
  2. The system of bonuses. Using the platform will be a profitable offer for active users.
  3. Support for a huge number of different tokens. This gives its additional advantage, which differs from other companies and their systems.
  4. Separation of actions for clearing and bidding, this in turn, ensures promptness, as well as flexibility and productivity.

💥Read this project in more detail by watching this video:

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🚀ICO Details

  • Start PUBLIC SALE on September 9 and last until September 14, 2018
  • Name of the token - DAX
  • Platform - Ethereum
  • Price of the token ICO - 1 DAX = 0.07 USD
  • Soft Cap - 7,000 ETH
  • Hard Cap - 10,000 ETH
  • Country - China

💥Why is it worth supporting this project:

  • Team DAEX, absolutely all of its employees are working for the benefit of the company and are always ready to help in any matter. They are always in touch and do not lose sight of. Indeed, at the current moment, when we are talking about ICO projects, this fact is very important.
  • All the prototypes made by the DAEX team are publicly available, right now you can see and try this system.
  • The leaders of this project have tremendous experience in doing the business of this kind and DAEX, certainly waiting for success.
  • DAEX participates in every possible crypto, blocking forums, conclude serious contracts.
  • After reading this blog, you probably will have questions. Be sure to ask them in official DAEX sources:


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