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Blockchain Data Storage

Blockchain technology will be used to create new, decentralized data storage networks, putting the power of choice back in the end-user's hands.

One of the most heralded achievements of the internet era, both for personal and industry use, is cloud data storage. While this invention is quite recent it is already under threat of being upended by incoming blockchain storage technology competitors.

One of the examples of this representative of near future blockchain use cases is how cloud storage companies try to avoid the loss of data. While big companies depend on spreading file duplicates throughout various data centers in order to avoid intrusion, decentralized blockchain technology would more or less eliminate the risk of meaningful disruptions.

This is due to data being stored on dozens of individual nodes, intelligently distributed across the globe, with no central entity needing to control access to a user’s files, improving security and decreasing costs via decentralized file storage. While current network scalability still needs to evolve in order to accommodate large-scale file blockchain storage infrastructures, we can easily envision an industry where fragmented, encrypted data is supported by a network of decentralized nodes in a much more user-friendly and cost-effective way than the current, central database solutions.

Another way blockchain use cases could revolutionize current file storage systems is by using what is known as an ‘incentive layer’. This means that while data is not actually stored on a decentralized ledger, the relevant storage network is using it to process subscription payments, avoid fiat exchange rates and store access information. Using said ledger to interact with a storage blockchain project would benefit the end user by improving settling times as well as increasing privacy and reliability due to a decentralized network and transparent-record keeping.

Such flexibility and the possibility of user-centric storage networks, means that by moving their data to blockchain data storage, users would also be able to benefit from a more agile, customizable system, by being able to manipulate metrics such as speed of retrieval or redundancy that is adjacent to their particular needs.

Dayta Tokenized Blockchain Storage

With a Dayta blockchain storage tokenization system, network economy can be leveraged to incentivize individual nodes for upholding the network and sharing a portion of storage capabilities. Blockchain technology uses in file storage can also allow users to upload and easily share and monetize their data, while cutting out the costs of relying on a centralized third party, or alternative costly intermediaries.

DAYTA Is a blockchain based platform that will help users to manage, store and likewise share access to user’s personal data and information in order for the users to get more profits. The objective is to gives users full access and control over their data than the other platforms. It intends to solve all the problems associated with security and privacy through the adoption of the blockchain technology.

The Dayta team has designed a roadmap to build a secure, easy-to-use and robust personal information Dapp and exchange mechanism within an integrated, digital ecosystem. The Dapp based on Ethereum blockchain and P2P protocols that provides secure, private and efficient cloud storage. Dayta utilizes file-sharding/fragmentation to store data and protect it with end-to-end encryption.

The advantages of DAYTA platform is that users can decide anytime they want whether to sell their data or not. User’s data is one of the great treasures of human life and customers wouldn’t take it easy with whichever companies that sold their data without their consent.

Dayta Utility Token

The Company has decided to offer an utility token. This token is called, as the company name, Dayta token. Dayta tokens provide access to the ecosystem of the platform and will be available for trading. Tokens will be littered on crypto-exchange markets.

Token Name/Symbol: DAYTA
Blockchain Used: Ethereum
Token Standard: ERC20
Total Token Supply: 2,500,000,000
Token for Sale: 1,500,000,000
PreICO Price: 1 DAYTA = 0.0000193 ETH
ICO Price: 1 DAYTA = 0.0000296 ETH
Pre-ICO Date: May 01st 2019
ICO public Date: May 11th 2019
Soft Cap: $2,500,000
Hard Cap: $25,000,000


Interested in Dayta? You can learn more on their Website, or Whitepaper. You can also join their community on Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram.


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