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Blockchain for eCommerce

While eCommerce has sustained all these years with the use of closed proprietary code at the backend, enabling the blockchain technology on the platform can be a major positive driver, eliminating online fraud to a great extent. While the applications of this tech in the field of eCommerce are aplenty, let us take a look on one of promising blockchain based eCommerce in 2019, Aussie Digital.

What Is Blockchain?

Before getting into details on the Aussie Digital, it is crucial to learn more about Blockchain and its key characteristics.

Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger system that enables seamless and transparent transactions to take place over the network. This technology has several applications across varied fields like healthcare, education, economy, crypto trading etc. The main benefit of blockchain technology is the fact that it is virtually tamper-proof. All transactions on the blockchain network are recorded and verified using advanced algorithms, thereby providing complete transparency and ending any possible scope for corruption.

Here is the some ways where blockchain can solve problems being experienced by e-commerce:

  • A safe and protected environment: Every transaction made on the blockchain network is permanently logged. This reduces the chances of any kind of fraud, as every action is traceable back to the origin.
  • Verified transactions: Each transaction, called a block, carried out on the blockchain marketplace is validated and verified across multiple nodes before being added irreplaceably to the existing chain. This eliminates the chances of unintended or fraudulent use.
  • Complete transparency for better accountability: The fundamental thought behind the blockchain project is to create a transparent network that can be verified publicly.
  • Lower costs resulting in lower prices: In the absence of a centralized hosting server, the saved money can be used to reduce prices for the items and services, thereby providing the best rates for the sellers, producers and consumers as well.

Aussie Digital Blockchain and eCommerce 

Aussie Digital stands to benefit from all the features mentioned above. It is a blockchain-based e-commerce platform where anyone can start their own online store then begin earning a regular crypto income.

The goal of Aussie is to revolutionize e-commerce, allowing any small business to sell products and services with any major cryptocurrencies. It eliminates the high-priced middlemen that typically stand between retailers and their customers. It’s a medium where buyers and sellers can exchange products with all transactions secured by a smart contract.

Aussie strongly believe that this is the way forward, a model that would inevitably be adopted by all marketplaces in the future. However, for the time being Aussie leads the front as pioneers of a new revolution in eCommerce, enabling multitudes of small entrepreneurs to dream big!

What is Aussie Digital offering?

Big questions surround the blockchain and the future of e-commerce, and many people around the world are eager to know how this is developing. The Aussie Digital team are working at the leading edge of the merging of cryptocurrencies and e-commerce, and indeed this is the whole reason behind the Aussie Digital offering.


TRADEZY is an Amazon/ eBay style ecommerce platform that will take Crypto and standard (fiat) currency. Its designed to help small business and new business set up quickly and at minimal cost.

TRADEZY clients will have access to the (B2B) Trading platform making wholesale products cost effective, user friendly and search engine smart. This will change the way people shop and small business does business forever.


CHATEZY is an built Social Media feature on Aussie eCommerce Platform. The feature is created to help buyers and sellers keep connecting. This can be used by anyone in our Community for business or for pleasure. Promote a product or business or simply connect with new friends. Import contacts from other platforms and get new people involved.


Aussie internal paid advertising is being created to connect Sellers and Buyers and vice versa.

You can Reach Thousands of qualified customers through personal email or our E-commerce and Social platforms. Advertise your business or single out a product you wish to push. Aussie aims to provide the most affordable, user friendly advertising so our valued customers can maximise their profits and get on with business.


What makes Aussie Digital Marketplace different is, Aussie is fully implemented blockchain cryptocurrency ecosystem by providing an built in exchange called TRADEDO.

The TADEDO interface has been designed to be very user friendly with quick access functions. This will make it standout from all other cryptocurrency exchanges for its shear usability and functionality.

Through TRADEDO exchange users will have the ability to exchange Aussie native coins, AUD and many other reputable coins.

With the exchange, retailers will have the ability to automatically convert their sale to their chosen currency in real time which takes out some of the worry caused through volatility and freeing up their time, so they can concentrate on business.


The Aussie Digital Token (AUD)

Aussie has its own token called AUD. The Token is an ERC20 compliant digital token issued by Aussie and is the official token of the platform. The AUD tokens will be used as the engine to support Aussie eCommerce Platform. This will increase the demand for the token since the token will have many uses throughout Aussie’s infiltration into the industry.

A total of 15,000,000,000 AUD tokens are being sold during the token sale (60% of the total supply). The remaining tokens are allocated for Aussie Digital Team (20%), Reserve (10%), bounties (5%), advisors (4%), and advisors (5%). You can purchase AUD HERE.

Who’s Behind Aussie Digital?

This project is based in Australia. The Aussie Digital site lists a team with 13 core members.

PETER EDYVEAN is the Co-Founder Business Strategy of Aussie Digital. His profile suggests that he has 10 years experience of worked on various technology projects. Co-Founder Business Development & SEO is TODD JOHNSON. Todd profile stated that he is currently work on Aussie Digital. Another CO-Founder is FIONA PIRLO. Fiona profile's described that she has a lot of experience in various field.

MIKE MAZIN is the Business Banker Consultant and ANDY PINNEGAR takes on the role of Business Marketing. The other job titles in the team include Web Developer, Blockchain Developer, Graphic Designer, Costumer Service and Social Media Marketing.

For more information about the project, please visit the following links:


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