XCOYNZ: we are removing the barriers faced by those who want to enter the cryptocurrency world by implementing our own ultra-fast, smart wallet exchange and payment gateway based on our proprietary software: x-swift.
By facilitating high-speed transfers to crypto, crypto to crypto and crypto in transaction transactions, we allow users to set their own fees.
By facilitating the use of cryptocurrency and facilitating inclusion for those waiting on the sidelines, we are shifting cryptocurrency from its infancy to its inevitable mass adoption.

Our universal cryptocurrency platform allows any person who likes cryptocurrency or otherwise -:
Set your own commissions when exchanging crypto and Fiat currencies.
The algorithm wallet is consolidated to Create a smart in order to minimize network charges and to maximise profits.
Pay for goods and services on retail sites with cryptocurrencies using a saw.
To cryptopedia directly through the payment gateway of the retail trade in accordance with the directions of their choice.
Use your xcoynz smart card to make purchases using cryptocurrencies stored in your smart algorithms wallet.
Cardholders can also withdraw local Fiat cash at competitive prices anywhere in the world.


Access to all popular cryptocurrencies with specified or existing cryptocurrencies. Simple and multifunctional both for an experienced trader and for the first buyer.
Save & save
Secure storage and encryption HODL assets with our smart wallet that can help traders to reduce transaction fees and to protect your investment.
Spend and get
Consumers can spend digital currencies online or in a retail environment, and businesses can expand their reach and revenue models by accepting cryptocurrencies.

The ideal solution for exchanging, spending and receiving payments in cryptocurrencies. Set your own fee, global payment card and more.
Facilitation of rapid exchange of different crypto and Fiat currencies.
To simplify a direct Deposit to your Bank account
Scheduling periodic payments
Allow users to set their own fees
A newbie to cryptocurrency can easily enter the market with simplified XCOYNZ services, with offers
The owners of the cryptographic veterans can easily exchange Fiat / cryptographic data and enjoy the benefits of a mechanic "s own cost."

Seen (Smart Wallet Algorithm)
Saw-based artificial intelligence allows the user to better manage their crypto assets and use them in everyday life.
Supports multiple cryptocurrencies
Algorithmically determines the best cryptography to exchange for any costs
The owners of cryptocurrencies can be informed and confident to move without thorough research, and the idea of saw offer the best routes for investment, sales and expenses.

Payment gateway
Missing link between online sellers and sellers
A simple API that allows online stores to accept cryptocurrency for goods and services.
Cryptocurrency will replace the traditional methods of payment only when it is considered to be the easiest and best for making
An online retailer can increase their customer base by accepting cryptocurrencies through XCOYNZ without worrying about additional legal obligations.
Traders can use instant settlement of Fiat payments to avoid the risk of any volatility that comes with crypto acceptance.

Smart card
Contactless payment cards for crypto payments and ATM withdrawals.
The user can pre-load the associated cryptocurrency in a wallet and spend them anywhere that accepts traditional cards.
Cryptocurrency will replace the traditional methods of payment only when it is considered to be the easiest and best for making
The holder of crypto assets can have a higher level of liquidity and instant access to crypto assets as an error-free equivalent for typical card payments, without the need to enter the exchange and process the withdrawal.

Cryptocurrency wallets
In the world of cryptocurrency wallets exist and usually allow one cryptocurrency asset to a separate wallet.
The following issues are related to the above scenario:
Making a payment that requires pooling some of your crypto assets can be tedious, as you may need to use multiple wallets, which incur multiple fees before your payment can be completed.
Currently, it is not possible for those with a diverse cryptographic portfolio to make the best use of pooled assets when paying for a product or service. This is almost not an option except for those who have the time, patience and tools to go through the process manually.
Commercial world-restrictions
Business owners have relatively slowly mastered alternative payment methods such as checks, credit and debit cards, along with traditional banknotes and coins, and the transformation took decades. These are already established payment methods, but how long?
In today's commercial world, which is largely based on Internet technology, the extremely high fees faced by enterprises from Central payment providers and gateways are usually passed directly to the consumer, and where this is not possible, businesses are excluded from providing their services. In addition, physical payments will soon disappear, and newer payment methods will naturally replace traditional ones, and cryptocurrencies are a harbinger. The market gap in this area and the potential benefits of becoming an activist are all too obvious - and we aim to bridge that gap with the xcoynz payment gateway

XCOYNZ tokens
Purpose of circulation and token
The purpose of XCZ is the promotion of token functions that increase the functionality of everyday business XCOYNZ, which in turn, propels the business forward and therefore increases the value of the token, ensuring that it is a fundamental use.

Individuals will be able to take advantage of the availability of XCZ tokens ready to be used as discounts on exchange commissions, and a faster and more streamlined withdrawal mechanism. Over the next 18 months, the future market share captured by XCOYNZ will be secured, providing an optimal level of token processing, which contributes to the expansion of the business and, ultimately, increases the mass attractiveness of tokens.
To this end, XCOYNZ will implement a program to burn a certain proportion of the collected tokens, writing off a fixed share of our business ' profits with restrictions and frequency that will be determined after all platform components and business have been launched if it is fully operational.

Use of the token
XCZ token is used to exchange XCOYNZ available to a natural person to provide the following benefits:
To establish a Commission for the transaction is available only to individuals who use their tokens XCZ during the exchange, otherwise normal Commission applies.
X-quick withdrawal-available only to individuals who use their XCZ tokens during withdrawal from the crypto-Fiat system, otherwise standard withdrawal applies.
In the via seller payment gateway, a Reduced fee is provided only to those retailers who use their XCZ tokens at the time of payment made by the buyer, otherwise the standard fee applies.

Web site: https://xcoynz.com/

Technical document: https://xcoynz.com/#documents

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