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Whirl is a new type of crowdfunding platform with blockchain technology. They use the principle of "Pay it forward". It's a system where you have to earn a premium by supporting other projects. The more campaigns you support, the more bonuses you can earn. Until you get to the "Active zone", it will be your turn to receive funding for your campaign.

The problem with many platforms trying to raise money with cryptocurrency technology is that they cannot reach the same group of investors. Many cryptocurrencies have not been able to achieve sufficient investment, so the cryptocurrency market has disappeared. Some of the crypto-coins were not successful because the ideas they had were completely imaginary.

The principle of the project Whirl

To participate in the project, each participating project is reviewed by the Whirl team. This team of specialists: lawyers, financiers controls the quality of projects and ensures the rejection of projects that do not meet the requirements. For each project to be approved, details such as the organization of assistance, the size of the project, the place of assistance should be specified in detail.

Each participant who helps the platform receives a bonus in exchange for his / her help. As the number and volume of user assistance increases, their own hash levels increase. The project will be listed faster when the project is submitted to the platform at a later time.

Advantages of this type of crowdfunding:



The democratic system awards

No Bank account needed.

When you get crowdfunding, you are free to use your project funds. There are no debts or obligations.

Strict regime

With the security benefits of the blockchain system, your funds are very securely protected on WHIRL. In addition, WHIRL is taking some additional security measures to make the platform even more secure. For example, the network stores only a minimum of crypto, most are stored in offline wallets


One of the big advantages of blockchain is transparency. This makes fraud almost impossible. This is because all user actions are stored in the blockchain. WHIRL stores its data in 2 separate systems. Sensitive data from users is stored in a private database, not in the ethereum blockchain, to ensure your privacy. Because everything that is stored in the blockchain is publicly available.

The democratic system awards

WHIRL has a democratic karma points system to decide which projects get the most funding. This is very unique and sets it apart from other conventional crowdfunding platforms. The WHIRL award system is one of the most honest ways to do crowdfunding. If you haven't had the opportunity to get crowdfunding on other crowdfunding platforms, you can try WHIRL because fundraising is guaranteed.

No Bank account needed

Anyone can use WHIRL, no matter what country you are from, what currency you are using or what the purpose of your fundraising is. You do not even need a Bank account, as transactions are carried out with cryptocurrency.

No commitment

You can sign up for WHIRL for free and use the crowdfunding platform for free. When you get crowdfunding, you have no obligation, you can use the money on your own as you like.!\[\]

Web site: https://whirl.com/

Technical document: https://whirl.com/WHIRL_WP.pdf

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