Serve is an ecosystem that decentralizes the service industry, allowing users (i.e. regular customers), enterprises (i.e. businesses) and suppliers (i.e. delivery drivers) to operate in an open economy with complete transparency and trust.

Open source
Completely immutable and decentralized
Full API, SDK and SaaS technologies
Global access
Smart contracts-transaction Data-Reputation-Accountability-Incentives


An example of a transaction:
The end result-the user pays $ 24.10 for a pizza for$11. From this pizzeria only gets $ 8.20, because existing platforms charge up to 40% fees.


Create efficient markets with maximum productivity

High platform fee up to 40%
It is very difficult for small sellers to compete with big players
High cost of barriers to entry
A clear system of reputation and No accountability
The lack of quality control
Limited service areas

The transaction fee will be only 0.00%
Up to 100% of services will be provided to service providers
Up to 100% of the listing price will go to business
Service provides enterprise technology for each level in the chain
Add to decentralization the market, transparency, responsibility and reputation


Ensure full transparency of the entire supply chain and order process
Creates trust between service providers and customers through transparency
Community accountability supported
Encourage good behavior without encouraging bad behavior
Verification of the supplier's trading platform and
Creation and global economy providing access to people who did not have


Many people do not notice how they deliver a variety of goods or services, they see only a beautiful packaged thing on the counter or a parcel in front of your doorstep. But over this works a whole lot of science, which is called logistics. Its goal is to find the most rational ways, routes of product promotion to the end user from the manufacturer!
This whole process is quite time-consuming and requires constant attention from marketing specialists behind the production, storage methods, delivery options, settlement of disputes. The main goal is to ensure that each participant gets the maximum profit with minimal costs or high quality goods in a short period of time.
And one of the most important links in the entire chain goes of course transportation, as mainly depends on it to a greater extent the smooth interaction between the participants. Mainly used rail and road transport, less air and sea. The main task for them is-the safety of the cargo and its quality in the delivery process.
But it is quite difficult to obtain transparent data in the promotion of goods by traditional methods, since all this is slow and there are quite a lot of intermediaries in the form of banking and electronic payment systems that delay payment or cooperation is conducted with unreliable performers and customers. All These problems are solved to eliminate the project called cargo coin!
The team of this startup decided to carry out a revolution in the field of logistics and creates a decentralized platform in this area with the use of blockchain technology, which will allow all participants to receive timely and up-to-date transparent information on cargo and goods.
Such an idea can facilitate all operations with the help of smart contracts, which provide the possibility of escrow and it protects each party to the transaction from default, specified in the contract, otherwise the funds are returned back. This removes the issue of trust to the third plan and significantly speeds up the logistics process.
The project plans to affect absolutely all kinds of transport zones and to help users of the processes to obtain reliable and transparent information in this ecosystem, which will provide an even safer way to deliver goods, in addition, intermediaries are eliminated, who take a Commission on payments and payment will be made only with the help of the internal currency of the cargo coin platform, which speeds up transactions and preserves the confidentiality of the operation.
In my opinion, such a platform can eventually develop into a global one and unite many traders and ordinary people into a single network with the possibility of obtaining the necessary product without worrying about the execution of the order, while minimizing the costs as much as possible. And the number of participants will be replenished by organizations, private entrepreneurs, insurance companies, representing their services.

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