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Max Property Group (MPG) is a group of real estate professionals, working together to make property investing safer, cheaper and easier. Max Crowdfund is the Group’s brainchild, beginning initial development in Q4 2017. At MPG we remain true to our expertise and believe in “bricks and mortar” investing, with property asset backed products that meet a high level of investment criteria. The Max Crowdfund platform makes these traditional investments globally accessible and more affordable.

Not just any other crowdfunding platform, Max Crowdfund has taken the concept of alternative finance a step further, by overcoming market hurdles and streamlining the investment experience. The Max Crowdfund platform is:



*Blockchain powered

*Regulatory compliant

*Asset backed

*Developed by real estate professionals

How to invest with Max Crowdfund?
Create an account
Just click on the registration button, enter your details and wait for confirmation. Please note that for regulatory purposes you will be allowed to make investments only after checking your personal data.

Choose product
Choose from our carefully selected investment products. Full due diligence information is available to simplify the selection process and make sure you are fully informed before making an investment decision.

Make an investment
After choosing the right asset, you can invest as little as 1000 euros. By choosing different assets, you can create an internationally diversified investment portfolio of real estate.

Real estate investing is simply better
Real estate investing is just cheaper

By reducing costly agency, legal, program and administrative expenses, real estate investing has become simple and affordable. With investment opportunities from just 1,000 euros, the market is open to almost everyone, and not just the wealthiest.

Property investment, just safer
Our listings of real estate investments are checked by the compliance team with the experience of leading world financial institutions and real estate companies. After the product is accepted, complete information on due diligence is provided so that investors can verify the information for themselves and make an informed decision. After the investment is completed, all relevant information is recorded on the MPG blockchain for added security and peace of mind.

Real estate investment is just easier
We conduct a thorough audit and work with a high level of communication and transparency, providing all the information necessary for making an investment decision in a simple and affordable format. After the investment has been selected, the process ends online and in minutes. There are no lengthy contracts, notarized visits or legal procedures to be endured.

Real estate investment, just faster
The investment products presented on the platform represent high-quality opportunities with competitive returns and a low risk profile. Max Crowdfund only lists the highest quality investments, saving valuable user effort. The purchase, sale and trading of investments on the platform can be carried out almost instantly, and complete information about the property can be available in seconds.

Frequently asked Questions
What is the minimum investment amount?
Investors can buy all-in-all products from € 1,000. Depending on the investment product and the criteria of the developer, the minimum investment amount may be reduced to 100 euros in the future.

Anyone can invest?
Not. Investors must be over 18 years old and must complete the Know Your Client (KYC) procedure before they are allowed to invest in the platform. There are also country-specific restrictions, and some nationalities may not be able to participate in certain investment products, this is to prevent money laundering, tax evasion and other illegal activities in accordance with our commitment to regulatory compliance and transparency.

What currency can I use?
The currencies used to purchase MPG tokens or invest in assets are indicated on the platform on the asset information page. Please log in to access the details pages.

How long does investing take?
After completing the KYC process and obtaining approval, you will be able to invest after a few seconds. However, we recommend spending some time researching investment products and conducting a thorough audit.

When will I start making a profit?
Depending on the product, your refunds may be paid monthly, quarterly or annually. In most cases, your earnings begin to accumulate from the date of investment. However, investment products vary, so before making a decision, read the full information about the return.

What fees apply to investments?
Fees vary depending on the product, but are always clearly indicated in the list specification. Please check the complete investment information before making a decision.

Can I cancel my investment?
Investments cannot be canceled, but they can be sold in the secondary market to other platform users as soon as this function is enabled on the platform. (this is subject to the approval of the relevant licenses)

What happens if the investment fails?
The investments listed in Max Crowdfund are reviewed by a team of professionals to reduce the risk of project failure. However, if a project has problems, the same procedure applies as when investing in any real estate project or product. Company administrators exist and local legal or complaint procedures can be applied.

Can I control the investment project?
The projects listed in Max Crowdfund are “invested” investments, which means that investors do not control the projects. This is mainly for practical reasons, as several investors are involved in one project. Nevertheless, the project progress and important events are registered on a platform to keep information open to investors.

Can I track the progress of my investment?
Definitely. The crowdfunding platform, which is hosted on the MPG blockchain, was created so that investors can track all the actions associated with any particular product.

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