Restaurant P.I. is a decentralized app that rewards restaurant and eatery patrons with Lunch Money and other cryptocurrencies when they successfully submit feedback via their platform.

Users will be able to store their rewards in various crypto wallets or use them toward the cost of their meals at participating food

businesses using the Ternio Blockcard. Restaurant P.I.’s goal is to improve the customer experience at every point of service through anonymous customer oversights and incentives using the blockchain.

What is Lunch Money?
ERC20 Token
Lunch Money is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain. It has 18 digits and it’s ticker is LMY. There is a total supply of 250,000,000

Problem & Solution
Poor customer service is solved with anonymous customer oversight and incentives

Opportunity to earn
Customers worldwide are able to post feedback and earn crypto

Swap Lunch Money with other digital currencies

Step 1
After patronizing your eatery of choice, simply make a mental note of your experience and snap a picture of your receipt.

Step 2
Fill in the required fields, you will need your receipt and ERC20 receive address handy. Patiently wait for the approval and check the View Ledger for the status of your feedback.

Step 3
Once your feedback has been approved, Lunch Money tokens will be sent directly to your ERC20 receive address.

The BlockCard™ is debit card which can be used at any restaurant around the globe or in shops as an ordinary payment card.
The BlockCard™ cryptocurrency debit card empowers you to spend your cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world where major credit cards are accepted. Apply for your free Blockcard and we will fund your card with 100.00 USD in Lunch Money tokens

Frequently Asked Questions
What will I receive when I post feedback?
You will receive Lunch Money when your feedback is approved

Are there any limits on submitting feedback?
Yes, all users are limited to only 1 feedback per receipt and a total of 3 feedbacks per day.

How long is the feedback approval process?
The feedback approval process varies depending on the volume of feedback received, however, it can take from 1-2hrs. Please check the View Ledger for the status of your feedback.

Where can I buy Lunch Money?
You can earn Lunch Money tokens when your feedback is verified and approved.

Can I trade Lunch Money tokens?
Yes, Lunch Money is listed on Token.Store, InstantBitex, BOA Exchange, SwitchDex and other exchanges.

How much LMY do it get for my feedback?
There is no set amount. The amount is based on the daily market value of LMY. Frequent feedback suppliers can essentially earn more tokens.

What Our Crypto partners Say
Derek Hawkins
Trademark Attorney

It was a pleasure providing my Trademark Services for the Restaurant P.I. brand. It will be interesting to see how this young start up will help to improve the customer experience worldwide.

Nikolay Shkilev PhD
Blockchain Expert

I do believe that the Restaurant Private I platform is a real solution to the poor customer service problem that plagues many businesses world wide. Anonymous customer oversights and incentives will certainly help to eliminate phony and low quality reviews while improving service quality.

Jim Blasko
Blockchain Engineer

I’ve witnessed the Restaurant P.I. project take shape from conception. You don’t have to be Blockchain literate to use the platform. It has been designed for mass adoption and has a real use case.

Laxman Singh
Founder & CEO @Lapits Technologies

Lunchmoney is a wonderful application. We have not had any such customer centric Dapp till today, which is source of earning for both customers and businesses. As well as eliminating the problem of poor customer service. It is a matter of honor for us that we had the opportunity to develop lunchmoney. There are lots of apps that do not allow their customers to experience benefits without registering and logging in but this Dapp does allow. It is important to know that platform keeps a transparent ledger of transaction based on Ethereum which shows "Proof of Approval". Such feedback are going to give great benefits to businesses in coming days.

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