Gozo is the industry's first loyalty point exchange and savings club for travel. The simple and easy-to-use Gozo app allows users to use the block chain capabilities to track and exchange valuable loyalty bonus points into crypto tokens or Gozo travel club membership.

Gozo is the industry's first loyalty point exchange and savings club for travel.

Using blockchain technology, Gozo provides greater efficiency, liquidity and travel savings for the consumer.The simple and easy-to-use Gozo app allows users to use the block chain capabilities to track and exchange valuable loyalty bonus points into crypto tokens or Gozo travel club membership.Gozo travel club Members benefit from trips at wholesale prices and access to premium benefits such as free access to VIP Lounges at airports, travel insurance, best price guarantee, evacuation at average prices and much more.

Loyalty point affiliate programs will also benefit from Gozo's tokenized loyalty promotion platform. Partners can customize the Gozo platform according to their loyalty incentive plan for their customers, providing partners with a safe, transparent, and convenient customer experience.


\* Allows you to exchange loyalty bonus points from different vendors.

\* Includes membership to the Gozo plus travel club.

\* Provides access to wholesale tourism products and services.

\* Acts as a universal loyalty reward token for use on the Gozo platform.

\* Users can store, send and receive Gozo tokens and more than 100 of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

• Track, manage and redeem loyalty points like a chain, and the chain of several programs to encourage loyalty.

\* Cryptocurrencies and loyalty bonus points can be exchanged for Gozo tokens or other loyalty bonus points, discreetly in a wallet or for other crypto tokens through an integrated exchange.

\* Gozo cooperates with one of the world's largest travel aggregators in the world.

\* Gozo wallet owners can join the Gozo travel club plus with a monthly or annual fee in Gozo tokens or an equivalent amount in Fiat.

\* Gozo plus members earn additional Gozo tokens for all their travel purchases in the Gozo plus booking system, as well as monthly for their membership level.

\* Club features

\* travel savings ranging from 5% to 30% and even higher for special offers.

• benefits of travel is expensive, including access to Lounges at the airport, travel insurance, evacuation in the middle plane, the promise of better prices and more - all included in the membership of club travel.


Industry's first tokenized reward management for loyalty and exchange

\* Combine all your loyalty bonus points into one wallet.

\* Quickly and easily track, use and exchange bonus points with a universal Gozo token built on blockchain technology.

Marked Savings 

\* Gozo plus members receive wholesale prices that are not available in the General market for all their favorite tourist destinations. Their first trip is likely to save them more than an annual membership fee.

• Our business model is to bring our members the normal rate of profit, which holds the majority of travel agencies, making Gozo an inexpensive, valuable supplier of interesting opportunities for travel on business or for leisure.


Do I need to be a member to download and use a wallet?

No, Gozo's wallet is available for anyone to use. Once the Wallet goes on sale in Q1 2019, you can download and install it on your mobile device or PC and then use it to manage your crypto tokens and loyalty bonus points.

Can I join Gozo now?IO travel?

Gozo doesn't live and doesn't accept participants yet. According to the plan, Gozo plans to become a member in 2019.

Can anyone buy Gozo tokens for ICO?

Tokens have a geographical limitation for those who live in places where rules may prohibit the sale of certain tokens.

Will Gozo tokens be sold on my favorite exchange?

We cannot guarantee the availability of Gozo tokens on any exchanges as exchanges choose which tokens to accept. However, the Gozo travel reward token is likely to be considered extremely valuable because of the travel discounts it unlocks, which increases the likelihood that exchanges will expose Gozo to trade.

Will I be able to use Gozo tokens to pay for my favorite airline's flights, purchase cruises, hotel rooms, or rent a car?

Yes. Gozo tokens will give you discounts on trips issued through Gozo plus as a subscriber. Although your tokens can pay for your entire travel plan, this may depend on the costs and possible cost of the Gozo tokens.

Do I have to join Gozo to get tokens?

No. You can buy tokens Gozo through the offer of IKO or directly on the stock exchanges after ICO. If you choose to join Gozo, you can earn Gozo loyalty tokens through your monthly or annual membership, as well as by purchasing discounted tickets.

What makes membership in Gozo travel and program loyalty rewards Gozo better than a program for frequently flying passengers?

The Gozo membership gives you an immediate discount on the trip, which will probably pay for your membership on the first or second booking. Membership in use With Gozo plus tokens you get Gozo loyalty that give you discounts on use in any way on the Gozo platform. Instead of restrictions on the use of points for frequent flyers, Gozo loyalty tokens give you the opportunity to receive discounts at any time and in any way convenient for you.

Web site: https://www.gozo.io/

Technical document: https://www.gozo.io/Gozo-Whitepaper-V2.0.pdf

Telegram: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gozo-io/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gozo.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gozo_io

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gozo-io/

Bounty: https://beta.bounty0x.io/hosts/Gozo

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