GofindXR is a decentralized augmented reality (XR) platform on the blockchain associated with earth geolocation.

XR Web

Earth's Digital Estate

is a decentralized level of information, value and applications that acts as

The public decentralized digital world is Controlled, monetized, and owned by the owners of the XR Token

Xr app store the Largest aggregator of xr apps and games in one place for mobile and smart glasses

Decentralized powered with the technology of the block chain for an unforgettable cross-ownership and joint monetization

XR Token

Cryptographic currency

XR supports Web and allows the owner

Buy XR Land digital layer of real offices to earn income from activity in these places.

Trade & Bid XR Digital Land and Digital assets on the XR Web top crypto exchanges

Play and use apps in the XR app store

Why Gofind XR Token?

Growing market

Get in the growing sector. We are in two of the fastest growing industries. 1) the global ar industry is Expected to grow by 700% over the next 5 years and reach $ 209 by 2023 (Statista). 2) global mobile advertising will reach $ 197 billion by 2020 (Zenith).


Gofind tokens will start trading on open crypto exchanges that act as exchanges that set the price of GoFind tokens by matching buy and sell orders. As the market grows, the demand for our tokens will grow. After the token is sold, no new token will be created

The law and the complaint

We strive to comply with all applicable rules and regulations and will submit the offer and sale of tokens GoFind XR with the SEC in accordance with regulation D and regulation S of the securities Act of the United States. All buyers must go through the "KYC", anti-terrorist and "UNDER" procedures to comply with the rules.

Transparency and reliability

By implementing smart contracts, ownership and value in XR Web can be transparently distributed with democratic principles.


Combining patented AI technology with XR technology allows us to create the first platform for the future of personal computers

Decentralized web 3.0 ecosystem

Gofind XR brings together hundreds of developers and applications to create the first global web 3.0 ecosystem on the Blockchain


Two thousand eighteen

Idea of decentralized spatial Internet concept for augmented reality applications / Adoption in DMZ Accelerator zone in Toronto, Canada / Official presentation

February 2019

Create application Token XR / XR for the web leasing, Mobile App XR / XR Gofind International Roadshow - Asia starts

March 2019

XR Apps Store - Pilot / XR Browser - Pilot / monthly xr developer meetings in all major cities / Gofind XR International Roadshow - Asia / Social media XR - Beta

April 2019

TestNet launch v1.0 / XR Lens Store - beta / xr browser - commercial / Gofind XR International Roadshow - Europe

June 2019

Listing in Exchange # 1 - TBD / XR global developer conference - TBD / XR lens Store - Commercial / Social media XR - Commercial

3rd quarter 2019

The launch of the MainNet v1.0 / Listing on Exchange # 2 - TBD / Beginning of the official 2-year lease XR Web / the Opportunity to bet on the XR Web / the Opportunity to make an offer for the XR Web Leased Land / Gofind XR Roadshow - North America / XR Run application of payments

Q4 2019

The listing Exchange # 3 - the developers Conference TBD / XR - Venue TBD / Gofind XR Roadshow - South America / the Integration of virtual reality experience

1st quarter 2020

Gofind XR Roadshow - China Special / Pilot with smart Glasses / XR Spatial DNS partner (open source)

2nd quarter 2020

Gofind XR Roadshow - India Special / API for XR web ads

3rd quarter 2020

Xr spatial data standards (open source) / multi-coin wallet integration / API for XR Web Leasing

XR Browser

Enjoy hundreds of XR events with location and world support on smartphones. Email us below if you want to test the beta version of XR Browser. Your iOS device must install a Test Flight and send us the Apple ID, Google, the Device must send us your ID Google email


Get XR Token

Buy tokens XR and put your tokens in the location Gofind XR using the web application XR Estate. Tokens are available for public and private token sale. After the sale, tokens will be available only on exchanges. Xr developers can still receive tokens from the XR VC Fund (24% distribution) by creating XR applications

Join the XR Economy

Enjoy location-based XR apps created by developers around the world in one place - Gofind XR browser. Advertisers can advertise on XR Estate, and developers can collect fees and charges. The percentage of these revenues distributed to the holders of the tokens XR.

Receive passive income

The owners of the tokens XR receive income from operations in the XR Web, even if you keep them tied to geolocation. Passive income is automatically credited to your multi-currency xr wallet

Trade, trades, exchange

Holders can also trade digital assets (including XR Estate) for trading at a fixed price or high price. Coins without markers can be exchanged on the best crypto exchanges.

Detailed information:

Company website: https://www.gofindxr.com/

The link to the official document: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2po81s5amqscfjf/WP_English_revised_Feb5%20%281%29.pdf?dl=0

Username bounty0x: jmp22

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