The treats token was created out of a desire to decentralize the healthcare system, empowering patients, healthcare application developers, healthcare providers and equipment providers.
O Cures token
The treatment token was created out of a desire to decentralize the health care system, empowering patients, health app developers, health care providers, and equipment providers.
Our vision for managing these changes is to empower all stakeholders through the use of innovative technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts, which gives more options and options: going beyond borders, creating a transparent and reliable verification system that allows for more efficient and more informed decisions.
To facilitate this, we have developed 6 main pillars of our robust business strategy, including :

Happ Shop
Our apps can be used to improve health.
Electronic medical record
In this case, patients can control their data, thus reducing the number of people who need the health care system. There is even the possibility to monetize your own data.
Ensuring health
Our innovative concepts of future contracts take into account both specific contracts and General contracts. Health care providers (SMEs) are encouraged to offer these contracts at a discount, in exchange for payment now, creating added value by giving patients and SMEs the opportunity to buy and sell these contracts to maximize their frightened resources.
Trading platform and trust analysis platform 5+trading platform 6+charity trust Fund
All patients must only follow the guidelines to promote search and search providers worldwide, safety, economic efficiency, creating a perfect competition with the help of a decentralized system.
Trading platform
The establishment of a comprehensive sales channel for suppliers of medical services (MES) for direct sale to patients or to wholesale buyers, eliminating middlemen and helps to bear the costs.
Charity trust Fund
A separate legal entity financed by 5% of the token supply and voluntary contributions of token users. To be used as a funding tool for charitable projects aimed at improving global health in disadvantaged regions, the transparent selection of projects in accordance with a set of well-defined criteria.
It makes CUREStoken a universal ecosystem service available to everyone – patients, healthcare professionals and those working in the medical tourism industry, offering a combination of unique features including payment and settlement at minimal cost, equal business opportunities including mass sale, interest-free fundraising, trading contracts for future work (medical futures), storage and trading with medical records, digital health-aiding applications, and as an element of corporate social responsibility through a charitable Foundation.
The team behind CUREStoken is by no means new to innovative and creative ideas, two of the current co-founders are also co-founders of Vision, a revolutionary software that allows visually impaired people to see a much more colorful world, so much so that EU governments have endorsed the software by implementing it at the institutional level in their own education sectors.
There was also a partnership with the EU Parliament, in addition to which the vision was presented in the mainstream media throughout Bulgaria and the rest of the EU, as well as at various international high-level conferences. Some of the advisors include eminent personalities from the world of the blockchain and members of successful teams. ICO, significantly one of the tourism industry, which has managed to attract more than 100 000 companies powered to their blockchain Hotels & Vacation Rentals Marketplace with 0% commissions.
Other team members and consultants come from the fields of medicine, banking, Finance and law, including a wide range of expertise.

Frequently asked question
What is the potential market share?
The potential market share is huge, according to the who (world health organization) estimate made in 2012, global health spending in 2010 is estimated at 6.5 trillion US dollars, if we accept the estimate made by Delloite in 2018 that global health spending will be about $ 9 trillion by 2023, then below are the market share projections assuming only modest 0.01% to 0.1%.
0.01% - 900 000 000 dollars
0.025% - 2 250 000 000 us dollars
0.05% - 4 500 000 000 dollars
0.075% - 6 750 000 000 us dollars
0,100% - 9 000 000 000 dollars
What is the advantage of marker treatment among other similar platforms?
Treats the token offers a complex solution of numerous fundamental problems of the health sector at the global level. We do not only deal with electronic medical records, but also provide high-quality decentralized trading platforms for medical services, medical equipment and health related applications. Treats marker also provides a Charitable trust Fund to support regions around the world that need special assistance. You can find more information about this and much more in our official technical document.

*What is PCL?
KYC means "Know your customer". This is a standard verification process common in ICOS, Bank account opening, and more. The KYC is a requirement of many authorities around the world to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. Even if it might annoy you, it's worth the effort to combat money laundering and terrorism.
What will you do with unsold tokens?
All unsold tokens will be destroyed within 48 hours after the end of the IRON SALE.
Do you plan any partnerships?
Yes, certainly. We are currently discussing opportunities with several international clinics, doctors and platforms with similar ideas, so we have great news. Stay in the know.
Why did you choose blockchain for your platform?
Blockchain allows the platform to provide secure and quality services managed by the community itself. A win-win situation that you can learn about from our document.
How about a listing on the stock exchanges?
We are planning to list a treatment token, and we are currently discussing the possibilities with a few of the main ones. Follow the news.

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