CoinCasso is a multifunctional, multi-layered design and hybrid exchange that combines the advantages of centralized and decentralized exchange.
Platform of crypto-currency exchanges and ATM network
CoinCasso exchange is the first licensed cryptocurrency exchange platform in Estonia, and the chkb and ATM network shares its own profits with its members.
About CoinCasso
CoinCasso group, which includes Estonian licensed bitcoin exchange CoinCasso exchange, creating unique solutions that support the exchange of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the entire project will also include a network of ATMs-BTC, which will begin in the second half of 2019. Also includes the introduction of mobile applications, PC applications and POS related to the entire infrastructure.
The entire infrastructure is created for the receipt of fees charged in exchange for intermediation in transactions. This is the only system in the world that pays up to 80% of its profits between the owners of the chkb token - CoinCasso token exchange.
How It Works?
The token was issued BY PBC PBC about Australia and is based on the popular and proven blockchain technology. This is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum. It is a well-known, versatile and secure solution that provides high transparency and a variety of opportunities to store and store tokens for its owners.
Instant withdrawals
Chkb tokens are available immediately and you can instantly withdraw funds to your dedicated address using the meta mask or ImToken app.
Cryptocurrency exchange
Guaranteed trading of chkb tokens will be available on the cryptocurrency exchange platform of our partner immediately after the sale of the event.
The benefits of the holders of CCX
The PBC token allows you to participate in a company's profit share and purchase services and membership on our platforms.
About the token as currency
Use the token as a regular currency with unlimited and free transfers between users and services on the entire CoinCasso platform.
Join the revolutionary CoinCasso exchange platform. Buy tokens during the sale and become a part of a big project. 12 we accept payments in the cryptocurrency.
use of funds
30% - exchange platform development
20% - event marketing and
15% - ATM network
10% - liquidity
10% - mobile wallet Development and apps paid
5% - payment gateway
The 5% limit of the operating company
5% - product monitoring and research
Soon There Will Be A Mobile Application

Using cryptocurrency exchanges has never been easier. Discover our new mobile app CoinCasso and get access to their funds together with you.

Different devices are compatible
The application will be available to users of our platform with software that allows installation on most popular mobile devices.

Exchange cryptocurrency with your fingertips.
Get access to all the features of the trading platform wherever you are.

Receive, send and pay
CoinCasso pay is a solution that integrates a wallet and a payment system, making the use of cryptocurrency easier than ever.
Download The Document
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frequently asked question
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What is a CoinCasso exchange?
The CoinCasso division of the exchange is a partner of the CoinCasso project - it is an existing company registered and licensed in Estonia (European Union), and now the entire platform is available in beta for partners and holders of the CCC tokens, as well as in a place where you can now buy and sell cryptocurrencies against the Euro. In the future you will be able to trade here with many other currencies including the chkb
What is the CCX ERC20 token?
The ERC20 CCX token is a cryptocurrency built on the decentralized Ethereum block. The Maximum number of tokens set 100 000 000 chkb subject to reduction of the offer. It is a proven and fully adaptable technology and open source that provides secure, simple and fast transmission. We are also prepared for an emergency, in case of failure of the main network, we will provide an opportunity to update the token software.
How many CCX tokens should I buy?
A larger number of tokens is an opportunity to receive more attractive bonuses, and an opportunity to use a wider range of services with more favorable discounts and lower fees. However, everyone has to decide how many chkb tokens he should buy.
What happens to unsold tokens?
Because of the very attractive price business concept and we firmly believe that everything will be sold. However, in the case of an unsold planned amount of CSA tokens, the remaining tokens will be destroyed algorithmically. There is no technical possibility to increase or produce any one token in circulation again. According to the article, the company can store only 20% of tokens.
How can I use CCX tokens?
Pro Tokens, depending on the number of devices you own, give you the opportunity to receive lower fees for transactions on the CoinCasso exchange platform and receive a large Commission for joining. You can become a part of our authority and influence on the development of the project. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to purchase membership packages that give you the opportunity to take advantage of the CoinCasso product group.
Where and when will I be able to trade tokens CCX?
Initial trading will be possible on this sales platform and after the sale event it will be presented to our exchange CoinCasso within 30 days.
What is the probability of a successful coincasso exchange token project [CCX]?
The cryptocurrency market is a young, fast-growing infrastructure characterized by high exchange rate fluctuations. Given the complexity of the CoinCasso token exchange project and the very attractive benefits of participating in it, we can safely assume that this project will quickly become popular. Currently, innovative solutions that solve the problems of average users are counting on the cryptocurrency market. CoinCasso token exchange allows the average user to leave the speculator area and, in some cases, take advantage of the passive advantages that have so far been possible only for large businesses. This is an innovative solution that will ensure the success of this project. CoinCasso is not just another exchange carotovorum, this is a game changer.
What will be the speculative value of the chkb token within 2 years?
For these assumptions, it is worth taking into account several important factors, such as: low initial token sale price, project assumptions and the possibility of reducing the number of chkb tokens in the case of selling the estimated amount. We must understand that the price of the CCB token will also depend heavily on the daily turnover of the entire CoinCasso infrastructure. Taking into account the above-mentioned factors, as well as historical data, it can be assumed that the price of the chkb in the next 2 years can bring several tens or even several hundred percent of the profits from the tokens themselves as speculative units.
How can I buy CCX tokens?
Currently, the CoinCasso exchange tokens [CCB] can be purchased through the official website of matches and events. You can pay via cryptocurrency CoinPayments cryptocurrency such as: [BTS], [NTC], [VSN], [Et], [D], [dash], ["DGB"], [LSK], [waves], [currency code XMR], [boss], [Zen]. Additionally via PerfectMoney in USD
When to sell bitcoin?
ERC20, including Pro tokens, can be stored on all platforms and payment processors that support them. However, we recommend that you keep Pro tokens as well as other cryptocurrencies always in places and wallets in which you have full control over private keys and with the ability to create a backup. It is worth considering MetaMask (Google Chrome app) or ImToken (mobile app). You should always backup your wallets, and if you store more resources, diversify their storage. The CCX token is also compatible with devices such as Ledger Nano S

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