BetOnYourself is an online platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows gamers to play video games for money by betting on themselves to win!

To date, there is a void in the services where players can compete for the real prize. Becoming a professional gamer can be a dream come true for many, but only a few really achieve it. In the competitive world of eSports, not everyone gets a chance to earn money on their skills, even if they really have them. BetOnYourself is created to change that.

Ingenuity and curiosity have always been inherent in man. Using ethics skills, advanced Internet users have created a lot of sites like games. The principle of such earnings on the games is to provide profit to all players in active and passive mode.

Games for earnings, among themselves are very similar both on the principle of earnings, and on payment. The basic rules for users is to invest in the purchase of farms, plants or birds and get their interest, like everything is simple. But far the whole point is not what it wants to see.

What gaming sites should you trust

Trust should be shown only to those sources that exist for more than 1-2 years, constantly make payments and are not a point exchange. The main feature of the correctly set source of earnings on the games should be able to withdraw their funds at any time convenient for the user. But, as a rule, such resources in the network a little, as 80% of the network, flooded scammers.

Where to earn on games

The best sources of income today are resources that do not require investment of potential users. By enabling people to start from scratch, the site will be popular and loyal.

Withdrawal games

The principle of games in which you can withdraw money, almost all the same — the user receives the start-up capital, which is spent on the purchase of a character that brings a certain amount per hour, often very small.

The more and faster the player wants to earn income, the more he has to invest his personal funds, which will go to the account of purchases. Gradually accumulates the amount required for withdrawal.<
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ong>The development of the BetOnYourself platform will be funded through the sale of vouchers (iBET) for future escrow service payments to ICO sponsors.

Vouchers (iBET) are advance payment offers for the escrow service and can be used immediately after the launch of the BetOnYourself platform.

As an iBET owner, you have the right to withdraw your iBET tokens during the transaction, but you can also decide to sell your rights in the market, as iBET will be a tradable token. The iBET token will have a great advantage over other payment methods. If you use iBET tokens, you will receive a 50% discount on the service fee for each bet you make.

The number of wagers per token will depend on the market price of iBET tokens at the time of trading.

The transaction will be charged to the iBET holder at the best requested price, which facilitates the pre-purchase of iBET tokens.

Any user will be charged in the currency in which he / she plays, therefore no prior ownership of iBET tokens will be required.

The cost of the Commission will be done automatically. IBET holders will receive their iBET tokens deducted from the balance sheet based on the market value of the iBET.

That's why BetOnYourself is the perfect answer for all players who want to start making money from a passion for playing games. The main goal is to bring a new way of professional play. How is this possible? BetOnYourself will serve as a peer-to-peer eSports betting platform for participants so that they can compete with other similar skilled opponents and bet on themselves. Games are based on skills, and there will be no chance to participate in the task. A convenient platform will allow participants to quickly and effectively choose their opponents, tasks and the amount of bets. <> https://ttps://

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