Welcome to betbox ; Your way to social challenges, lotteries and priceless entertainment.
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Individual bets
Create individual bets for yourself, your friends or in public and become the king of bets. All bets can be placed in cryptocurrencies and soon also in Fiat.
Personal problem
Create crazy challenges and get 10% of the jackpot as an achievement reward. Everyone can predict whether you will be able to keep your word by betting on you or against you.
Live broadcast
Decide what activity you want to see and customize your channel according to your preferences. With this feature, you always see which bet is going crazy and maybe also challenge your friends.
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Secure wallets
Our wallets provide the latest security features to store your assets. Even with a little technical know-how, you can easily manage your assets remotely from your device.
Books-Producer Unreliable
Our SmartContracts work without a centralized party and guarantee a fair and fair jackpot distribution. Verity's voting Mechanism is protected; a decentralized Oracle.
Earn money
There are several ways to make money in betbox. Either you vote, solve personal problems, or win a lottery or gamble.

About our app
Thanks to the betbox alpha web interface provided only now-Metamask, users can access smart contracts to store, verify and fairly distribute the assets placed on the card by placing individual or pre-determined bets and agreeing on the results by private or public voting. Our goal is to create a global community that challenges each other in a safe and secure ecosystem. Betbox will gradually increase the betting variety by deploying various smart contracts with predefined cash games or other specialties for entertainment.
"We are working with a great app on apper to ensure a flawless UB to our customers." - betbox
The depositing of assets to the card will be automatically managed by a trusted smart contract, while the election of the winning party is handled by the Oracle. In order to bet betbox, the user must refer to the smart contract and predict the outcome . All et in the jackpot will be distributed to the winning party in proportion to the amount at stake for each user at the time of disclosure.
You and me. We'll take care of you. We give you power.
Betbox is a fully decentralized ecosystem operating in various DApps with a mission to provide a completely transparent, fair and at the same time challenging environment for people with a passion for gambling and a sense of competition.
Our users can contribute their knowledge and experience to a growing project by presenting ideas or solutions that are ready for implementation, in exchange for OX.
Smart contracts Betbox are developed for reimbursement of 20% of the commissions (ETH) charged by the company for the bets, every quarter of the year, voluntary parties* in exchange for tokens to moderation of inflation OX.
100 million. Initially, OX will be created. Closing each bet in the smart contracts betbox will create one bull and randomly distribute it among the users of the ecosystem. The RNG betbox is based on issuing future block hashes on the public Ethereum mainnet.

  • OX holders can block tokens in a special smart contract to get a share of the profits for the period. The locked bull will be burned in the process.
    Betbox will not actively advertise TGE or intend to pay Listing fees on exchanges.
    Risk Warning!
    Investments in OX are speculative, involve high risks that you need to understand before making an investment and can lead to a complete loss of investment. If you have any doubts or in case of remaining circumstances that you do not understand, it is strongly recommended to refrain from any investment or purchase of OX. Before any participation in the project or purchase of OX, make sure that you have read and fully understood the legal disclaimer and further risk factors.
    A Health Warning!
    Reading this article can lead to addiction to have fun and cause addiction to make money. We are under no circumstances responsible for mood swings that may include depression, irritability and aggressive behavior.

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