aQuest is a decentralized, unique application that pays you to perform a specific task. Just like that.

AQuest Tokens (abi) are service tokens used for operations on the aQuest platform.
aQuest offers its creators to create marketing campaigns aimed at rewarding its participants. Quest participants must complete a quest to be eligible for a reward at the end of the quest. The task is a digital action that the user must perform in order to successfully participate in the quest (Examples: poll, Facebook like).
Integration of Enkronos applications
Automated website
aQuest can be anything
Mobile First
With aQuest you can create powerful marketing campaigns focused on rewarding your members.
Participants must complete a simple task to be eligible for a secure reward. On the other hand, as a company, you can collect important data about your customers and increase your brand awareness.
Example: If this quest is aerial, then the recipient can get valid PPP-20 tokens at the end of the air drop.
AQuest app will help you to create quests using an innovative and intuitive cloud-based tools. These tools are available from all devices. Therefore, the management and creation of quests are simple and can be done from anywhere.
All quests are integrated with Enkronos applications and contribute to the creation of a user pool. Quests are a great way to help create a pool of users in Enkronos applications, while your user collection is being created, you can engage the same users to other applications that are aimed at improving user interaction with your brand.

aQuest is built on top of the Enkronos application stack and uses smart contracts to regulate erc20 quest signatures.
Everyone can join aQuest, without restrictions, without ZKS.
Mobile First
Our Android first approach allows you to earn easily on your mobile device.
Integration of Enkronos applications
Quests are a great way to help create a pool of users in Enkronos applications.
aQuest can be a survey, a task bounty, a like in Facebook, you can view the additions installing the app, or catching pokemon in the Pokemon to go.
You can pay subscribers with ERC-20 tokens. In the future, we plan to introduce PayPal, credit cards and other digital currencies.
The initial release of the aiib tokens is programmed by a smart contract and will be implemented as you can see in the pie chart.
36,11% split of the community
43.89 per cent Blocked and reserved
12% of the team founders and
6% of advisors
2% bounty campaign
For proper management of the aQuest app , transparency is a key value . The total percentage distribution is the same as indicated in the official document and is also shown in the pie chart on the right.
30% advertising and PR
25% development
20% domestic business
20% integration
5% legal, IT and administrator

markers aQuest (ISA) is a service token application aQuest.
The prize for 1 (one) aQuest token (abi) is 0.006 Ethereum (ETN).
Because aQuest is also part of the application platform Enkronos, abi you can replace the token on the token Enkronos (ENC). The exchange rate is 2 ENK = 1 aqu .
The total supply of aQuest TGE is 200.000.000,00 aQuest tokens (abi).
aQuest is developed by Enkronos. AQuets Application is one of the applications on the Enkronos application platform (the Enkronos application platform is an exclusive multitasking environment for advertising, marketing, artificial intelligence and big data solutions).
You can learn more about Enkronos here and here . If you want to use or just try out the Enkronos apps, log in or register here: ahhh!
aQuest crowd sale (public sale) will last Xu days (from September 18, 2018 to 15: 00 CET to November 20, 2018 14: 59 GMT) with the possibility of automatic early completion in achieving the final goals of ICO.
Soft cover aQuest TGE is 1.000.000, 00 USD.
If this minimum amount is not reached during the TGE, any interested party will be able to completely abandon their investment and receive a full refund.
Hardcap for aQuest TGE is 39.000.000, 00 USD.
All unsold and undistributed tokens abi back in Enkronos Doo, and the additional issue of tokens possible.

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Company website:
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Username bounty0x: jmp22

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