the lost battle not the war

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Good morning to all the readers of Some time ago I've been fighting with depression, well, I think that's how a person should feel when they're depressed, because thank God I never felt the same before, a few weeks ago I came very despondent and unmotivated, two days ago, I have to admit that he has won me, I finish throwing my tempers on the floor, this battle I lost. But not the war! I estimate that tomorrow I will be 100% good at publishing and commenting on their presentations.

## I apologize to all for this inactivity.

I wish you all, happiness and prosperity

Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis


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Never give up!

23.10.2018 04:04

@oleg257 you are very kind, I appreciate your words very much, I am already leaving, luckily they were a few days, I think tomorrow I will be 100% thank you very much
I wish you a wonderful day

23.10.2018 04:08

@jlufer Giving up is not an option.I know that feeling.

23.10.2018 06:39

@germanlifestyle You are very gentle, I appreciate your words very much
I wish you a wonderful day

26.10.2018 00:29

@dobryj.kit Many thanks to the whole team
I wish everyone a great day

26.10.2018 00:30