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Good morning to all the readers of This is my participation in the contest conducted by @jurgan In the slogan "fence competition" To consult the rules enter here

The gates began to be created with the purpose of architectural decoration, over the years it was adopted as an element of security. They were the French in denominating them "verge" that means fence or fence, here we call them fences, the most traditional are the artistic fences and depending on the craftsman is his form or his figure.

Currently the railings have been migrating style, it is possible to find railings combined with different finishes, today's gate is a combined style of structural pipes with perforated mesh, in recent years the perforated mesh took relevance, the blacksmiths included it with the idea of ​​cheaper construction costs, since it takes less time to work, however, customers adopted it as a fashion product.

What mischievousness, a product that was born to lower the cost of building a fence, ends up being very expensive to increase demand, now the artisan smiths have a product with less labor at a higher value, often have to consider making products Because of fashion, fashion products often offer less benefits than traditional products.

In the previous post we talked about the placements, depending on the reason for use, is the placement system, there are various forms of placement, for example the fixed gates, these with those that are embedded to the wall and fixed with material, the inlays, are those whose method is screwed to the wall and their screws are hidden by a layer of cement, unlike the previous ones these can be removed when we want.

Another variable to consider is the placement of the gates, usually we have to hire a professional other than the blacksmith, although in some cases they place it themselves, the costs may vary depending on the style of placement you want for your gate, there are crossbow styles, folding styles, removable styles, depending on the chosen style will be the cost of the service.

I want to express my gratitude to @jurgan for the invitation to participate in the contest!

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