Source Prefectura Argentina The competition of @lira "Monuments and fountains in the city"

Source: Family album-Photomontage Pixiz

Good morning to all the readers of This is my participation in the contest made by @lira In the slogan "Monuments and sources in the city" For more information **enter here**

I want to start by thanking @lira, juries and sponsors for appreciating and rewarding my work. This second prize is very important to me. Beyond the economic, it is a huge motivation and a great commitment at the same time, to give and contribute the best of me in every post I publish. This image corresponds to the source of the Argentine Army Institution Corrientes delegation.

The fountains began as a service of drinking water for citizens and became luxurious artifacts of architecture to decorate, squares, buildings, school. At present they are a tourist attraction. One of the most popular sources in Italy is undoubtedly the fountain called "Fontana di Trevi" This is a real beauty, with its imposing twenty meters wide and its twenty-six high, the largest in Rome. People who believe in the magical effects of the sources, throw a coin into the water asking for a wish, the striking is not this, the striking is how much money is collected by collecting the coins "1,250,000" Dollars, the figure is fine they raise more than a million dollars!

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Another source worthy of mention is the one that resides in Singapore, called "The Fountain of Wealth" was decorated by the "Guinness Record" as the largest source in the universe. His statistical data confirm this, this wonder emerges from a surface of more than 1600 square meters, with a height of more than 13 meters, its dancing waters exceed 30 meters in height. This fountain houses more than 80 tons of bronze.

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The source of the day belongs to the institution of the Prefecture Argentina delegation current capital, located in a small square called Virgen de Itati, in honor of our Patron Saint, the square was built on the Costanera avenue of land without evil, place icon of my land, a beautiful meeting place, ideal to share a mate or a terere.

I want to express my gratitude to @lira for the invitation to participate in the slogan. Monuments and fountains of my city!


Thank you very much for the company on this beautiful walk through my City of Corrientes, especially the Sponsors and juries of the contest:










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The images correspond to the family album

The camera used Nikon Coolpix B500

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