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Good morning to all the readers of This is my participation in the contest made by @lira In the slogan "Monuments and sources in the city" For more information **enter here**

I want to start by thanking @lira, juries and sponsors for appreciating and rewarding my work. This third prize is very important to me. Beyond the economic, it is a huge motivation and a great commitment at the same time, to give and contribute the best of me in every post I publish. This image corresponds to the fountain of the promenade Italy a beautiful boulevard of the earth without evil.

In ancient times the fountains fulfilled the important mission of supplying water to citizens, they were located in strategic places, they used water to drink and give drink to animals, depending on the quality of the source or the place where they were located, the citizens used it as a social place or popular meetings.

It is estimated that the first fountain was carved in stones in the town of "Babilonia" and dates from 300 years before Christ, the other dates from the middle of the fourth century also before Christ, in this fountain you can see a lady of time next to a "fountain pylon", a column supports what would be a plate

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However, it was the Islamic cultures who promoted the use of the fountains as an architectural artefact, incorporating into their constructions "private buildings and public areas, such as palaces, courtyards, gardens, squares and mosques" an element with two purposes, decorating and air conditioning the environment. Nowadays the fountains have taken an extraordinary turn, they have become water screens, used in important events, as a support for videos or laser flashes, something very modern and revolutionary

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The source of today's day It is called the source of the San Martin promenade, located in the Plaza 25 de Mayo, is the main square of my land without evil, created in honor of May 25 where the first home government was established. This place is emblematic of my land, it houses historical monuments of my province, such as the church of La Merced, the government house, the old house of the Bedoya, the finance ministry, the police headquarters and part of the old cabildo

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I want to express my gratitude to @lira for the invitation to participate in the slogan. Monuments and fountains of my city!


Thank you very much for the company on this beautiful walk through my City of Corrientes, especially the Sponsors and juries of the contest:










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The images correspond to the family album

The camera used Nikon Coolpix B500

Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis



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@jlufer The fountain's not working now?The fountain is beautiful. When it works and sprays water jets, it will be even more beautiful.

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@zlata777 If it works when it is very pleasant, thank you very much for the great support you give to my work
I wish you a wonderful day

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@dobryj.kit thank you very much to the whole team for appreciating and supporting my work
I wish everyone a great day

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