Product innovation ("Unique watercraft shaped boat")


Good morning to all the readers of Thank you very much for accompanying me every day reading my publications, from today I will share with you the existence of ingenious products, that make them improve the quality of life of people, contributing to the environment, there are many ingenious products that are worth to make known It has not happened to you that you want to sail with friends for a weekend, but the watercraft is too small for you and a boat consumes you a lot of fuel or It is very large for your needs. This will no longer be an excuse with the revolutionary ¨Vanqraft VQ16¨

¨Vanqraft VQ16¨ It is a revolutionary watercraft shaped boat, with the capacity to accommodate up to five people, powered by a jet engine ("Yamaha 1.8 L 200 hp"). An agile and fast platform, can reach ¨50 knots

¨Vanqraft VQ16¨ It is built with materials and technology of excellence, which allows to enjoy its easy maneuvering and its excellent comfort, it can be adapted to the requests and needs of the clients.



I hope that this new segment of publication is of your liking and you can see the genius of the product that I have presented today.

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