Product innovation (Generator of electrical energy with biomass)


Good morning to all the readers of Thank you very much for accompanying me every day reading my publications, from today I will share with you the existence of ingenious products, that make them improve the quality of life of people, contributing to the environment, there are many ingenious products that are worth present Who has not dreamed of generating their own electric power, illuminate environments, supply energy to household appliances and lower the costs of consumption. What seemed like a dream today could be reality with the ¨PP20 Power Pallets¨

¨PP20 Power Pallets¨ It is an electric power generator, designed to contribute to the environment and bring quality of life to people. It works with renewable fuel "Biomass" this fuel is obtained with organic matter.

 A very safe platform, built with quality materials, m spark ignition engine, generator and electronic controller, automatic gas and air mixture, oxygen sensor, assisted by a Process Control unit.

The generator is very versatile, can be used in ¨ monophase, divided or three phase ¨ It can be adapted to energy ¨ Aeolian or solar ¨ healthy methods for the environment, its cost ranges from ¨ $ 28 and $ 40,000 ¨.dolares  More information



I hope that this new segment of publication is of your liking and you can see the genius of the product that I have presented today.

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