Product innovation (Designed to generate water from the humidity of the environment)


Good morning to all the readers of Thank you very much for accompanying me every day reading my publications, from today I will share with you the existence of ingenious products, that make them improve the quality of life of people, contributing to the environment, there are many ingenious products that are worth make known Water plays a fundamental role in the origin of life, human beings are largely composed of water, much of the universe is water and only a very small part is suitable for consumption and in spite of everything, you would be surprised to know how many people lack drinking water. ¨GENAQ Nimbus¨ is the solution to this problem.

¨GENAQ Nimbus¨ It is an "atmospheric water generator", designed to contribute with potable water in remote, extreme or inhospitable places. This is possible thanks to its system that allows generating water from the humidity of the environment.

The water generated by this platform is pure, ideal for drinking, culinary use, to sanitize environments, in livestock to give water to animals, in agriculture for irrigation of plantations. Etc.

Some benefits to highlight.

  • ¨ Pure drinking water¨
  • ¨ Cold and hot water¨
  • "No water supply is needed"
  • ¨ Without any type of installation ¨


I hope that this new segment of publication is of your liking and you can see the genius of the product that I have presented today.

Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis


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