Product innovation (Autonomous underwater platform)


Good morning to all the readers of Thank you very much for accompanying me every day reading my publications, from today I will share with you the existence of ingenious products, that make them improve the quality of life of people, contributing to the environment, there are many ingenious products that are worth publicize https:/:// Much of our planet is made up of water, there are many virgin places that the human being has never reached, a natural barrier it is the depth of the oceans that man has not been able to overcome. The depths is no longer a barrier for biologists with the ¨REMUS 6000¨

¨REMUS 6000¨ It is a powerful underwater autonomous platform with the ability to submerge up to six thousand meters deep and with a continuous 24 hours autonomy.

This platform is designed for any type of aquatic operations that requires submerging to extreme depths, a very versatile equipment in its use, it allows to customize its equipment to the needs of the client as we see in the following image.


I hope that this new segment of publication is of your liking and you can see the genius of the product that I have presented today.

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