Monochrome Landmark sources of land without evil

Source: Family album

Good morning to all the readers of This is my participation in "Tuesday black and white images day", Today I want to present a different look at one of the beautiful things that land has without evil. The emblematic fountains of my city!

This beautiful fountain is located in an emblematic place of land without evil, called Paseo Italia, this beautiful boulevard was created between the municipality and the Italian society of Corrientes. Our country was built with the collaboration of foreign hands, those who migrated from their country to settle in our nation. Argentina gave rise to many immigrants from all over the world, including Italians. My wife's family, many years ago came to our country fleeing the war that took place in Italy. Fateful fact that they are lived or lived in many places in the world.

The source of today's day It is called the source of the San Martin promenade, located in the Plaza 25 de Mayo, is the main square of my land without evil, created in honor of May 25 where the first home government was established. This place is emblematic of my land, it is surrounded by historical monuments of my province, such as the church of La Merced, the government house, the old house of the Bedoya, the finance ministry, the police headquarters and part of the old town hall.

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This beautiful fountain is located in the most emblematic place of the city. The Corrientes coast, a beautiful waterfront with more than ten kilometers away, in the background of the image we can see the imposing Belgrano general bridge, which unites us with the sister city of the Chaco, a beautiful construction that is still standing for hundreds of years . The place of the fountain's location, is very used by Corrientes to share a mate, a very popular drink in my country

Another very beautiful fountain is the one located in Punta San Sebastián. The city of currents is framed by the mighty Parana River, the river is home to seven beautiful points, in honor of it in the name of my province. Corrientes is just a diminutive of its name, since the real name is "Juan de Vera de las sevens Corrientes" Punta san Sebastián is one of the seven points of my province.

I really like black and white images, I think the fountains of my land look beautiful in it, a different way of seeing the beauty of the earth without evil

I wish you all, happiness and prosperity

The images correspond to the family album

The camera used Nikon Coolpix B500

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