"I caught the" Elephant "for the relay race of @ slon21veka"! # 26 Meeting at the toy store

Family album source-Photomontage Pixiz

Good morning to all the readers of golos.io. This is my participation in the contest made by @ slon21veka In the slogan "I caught the" Elephant "for the relay race" For more information **enter here** **Queries and rules**

_Hello dear friends, here again starting a new hunt, I do not like the idea of ​​hunting animals, but I must admit that this hunt I like to perform_

** That said, let the hunt begin!**

Obviously my life is destined to have frequent encounter with these beautiful animals, from a very young I have great admiration for the largest animal in the universe, I am passionate about their intelligence, I could not wait less, I have a cerebellum of five kilograms. It all started fifty years ago The one responsible for this love and admiration, is my mother, It was she who gave me a small elephant at the time of birth . As it could not be otherwise we named him Dumbo, many years ago he is in our family, fulfilling and satisfying our whims, being a baby used him as a mordillo, now I look at him and I can observe my bites in his trunk and his ears.

The 30th of this month is the birthday of my granddaughter Abigail, we are with all the preparations, this year we decided to make a birthday different from what we usually do. I have a parquizado background and closed perimeter with walls of material of more than 300 square meters, ideal for any type of family entertainment, a comfortable and spacious, but there is a problem, when you are at home and organize the party you lose the best . Enjoy the party!

One learns from mistakes, for all the events we decided to rent a party room, although there is a stressful job before the party, the day of the party you enjoy it and do not miss the most important, the happiness of the child while play and have fun. My wife and daughter are in charge of preparing the decorations for the party, for that reason we decided to go to the center of our city to buy the articles of cotillion, before leaving the telephone rings, it was our son Ivan, he calls us to tell us that he visited a park in his city and had won two gifts. They imagine well! They won two elephant stuffed animals, these are in the photographs.

At the end of our talk we went to the mall, we visited a very large one that has everything, and as expected. They sell toy elephant! Walking through the corridors looking for cotillion products I look up and there they were. Neither one nor two, three stuffed elephants waiting for us to be hunted, I always go out with my camera ready to take pictures, shoot and hunt these two beautiful images.

It is very evident that I have a strong bond with these animals, two coincidences in the same day with a difference of one hour. Many times I wonder, will it have any meaning? So interesting was my new hunting number 26, which I call coincidence in the toy store.

I hope that all this information has been of your liking. I want to express my gratitude to @ slon21veka for the invitation to participate in the contest!

The images correspond to the family album

The camera used Nikon Coolpix B500

Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis


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@jlufer , you always surprised your readers). Great!

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you are very gentle I appreciate your kind words very much
I wish you a wonderful day@liliyafedotova

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@jlufer , my pleasure. Have a nice day!

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@dobryj.kit thank you very much for the great support you give to my work
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@jlufer очень нравятся ваши посты! Отличная охота!

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@slon21veka You are very kind I appreciate your kind words, thank you very much for appreciating my work
I wish you a great day

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