Healthy eating. Peanuts (Properties and Benefits of healthy eating)

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_Are you familiar with the following sentence? A healthy diet! Undoubtedly heard many times heard this sentence, What is a healthy diet?_

A healthy diet is to eat different foods every day that contribute to your body nutrients, something that the body needs to be well, lucid, and energetic. Healthy foods are those that provide your body with proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins and minerals.

_A correct nutrition, added to a physical activity, contributes to maintain a healthy body and without overweight, in a certain way we are what we eat, the foods have the ability to influence your immune system and can affect your mood and your energy, something vital to keep the mind fresh and healthy._

I invite you to know all the properties and benefits of peanuts

The peanut plant is well known in much of the world by its scientific name "Arachis hypogaea" has its ancestry in the family of the "fabaceas" although it has an elegant scientific name is more popular as peanuts, depending on where you live may have heard name as: "cacahuate, andrei, cacahute"

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The peanut plant is a small one that does not exceed 40 centimeters, with multiple stems, sought and planted by farmers for their small fruits that are underground next to their roots, the small fruit inside guara of one to five seeds, These are edible, considered as nuts.

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It is estimated that peanuts are a mixture of two wild species, happened more than 9000 years ago in southern Bolivia, the farmers of this area collected them and took them through the Andes mountain range. There are records of archaeological remains of peanuts found in Peru, this product was used by the indigenous people of America as milk, soup and in different foods the existing data say that it was 1200 years before the birth of Christ.

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The cultivation of peanuts is old, the Indians of South America were the first to plant them, however the popularity of the tube in Africa for its great diffusion, becoming the basic food of many countries, is for this reason that some people the relation with its place of origin. The biggest producers are India and China.

When preparing and cooking peanuts is very versatile, this plant uses everything, its leaves, its seeds and the husks of the seeds. Peanuts are highly sought after by international chefs, there are hundreds of recipes where you can include this dried fruit, only limited to professional knowledge.

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In Paraguay, the mani is used in the elaboration of the popular "Ka'í Ladrillo or Dulce de peanut", a delicious dessert originating from Paraguay's jam


In Argentina, there are different ways to consume peanuts, used to make their popular dessert called "mantecol"


In Brazil it is used for the preparation of your typical "pacoquinha" dish


In Ecuador it is used for the elaboration of the popular dish "viche de mariscos".


Peru prepares its popular dish called "carapulcra"


In Bolivia it is used to make its traditional peanut soup


Another very practical way to consume the peanut is through its juice, it is very easy to prepare, it can be consumed only with mineral water or accompanied with freshly squeezed fruit juice, ideal to accompany with vegetable juice such as carrots or beets or Make a combination with fruits and vegetables.

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You should know that by consuming this nut, you are incorporating many very healthy benefits for your body, by ingesting the peanuts you are incorporating vitamins and minerals such as:

1. "Energy"
2. "Carbohydrates"
3. "Dietary fiber"
4. "Fat"
5. "Proteins"
6. "Water"
7. "Thiamine"
8. "Niacin"
9. "Pantothenic acid"
10. "Vitamin C, B, B1, B3, B5, B6"
11. "Calcium"
12. "Iron"
13. "Magnesium"
14. "Match"
15. "Potassium"
16. "Zinc"

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This dry fruit is proven to have healing properties, in addition to providing vitamins and minerals to your body, consuming periodically is very beneficial for your health, its healing properties can treat many conditions

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* The regular consumption of peanuts is very healthy, its healing powers are ideal to prevent heart disease, what makes it possible are the "fatty acids" ("monounsaturated") it contains, remember if you want to have a healthier heart, you must include the peanuts to your diet

* Ideal for people with high cholesterol "monounsaturated fatty acids" prevent and decrease the bad "cholesterol" in blood

* If you are one of the people who want to maintain the weight or decrease, you should consider including the peanut to your daily intake, to consume this dry fruit causes satiety, which makes you consume less.

Now that you know the benefits of the consumption of "peanuts" that you think, or how many times you will consume this wonderful product

* Once a month
* Once a week
* Once a day

**If you want to know more about the medical and scientific specifications and the benefits that the consumption of this plant brings, you just have to enter the links that I leave below.**

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Very Important: This publication is a compilation of information from different pages, in order to inform the properties of different fruits, vegetables or other foods. Do not make any determination based on this report, without first consulting with a nutrition or health professional.

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