Healthy eating kale (Properties and Benefits of healthy eating)

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Are you familiar with the following sentence? A healthy diet! Undoubtedly heard many times heard this sentence, What is a healthy diet?

_A healthy diet is to eat different foods every day that contribute to your body nutrients, something that the body needs to be well, lucid, and energetic. Healthy foods are those that provide your body with proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins and minerals._

A correct nutrition, added to a physical activity, contributes to maintain a healthy body and without overweight, in a certain way we are what we eat, the foods have the ability to influence your immune system and can affect your mood and your energy, something vital to keep the mind fresh and healthy.

I invite you to know all the properties and benefits of kale

The plant of kale is well known in much of the world by its scientific name "Brassica oleracea var. sabellica L. "belongs to the plant group of the family" Brassicaceae "of the genus" Brassica "of the species" B. olearacea "It is more known by the name of kale, depending on the place where you live maybe you have heard it named:" Crescent cabbage, Portuguese kale, curly cabbage, Brecolera, Galician cabbage, dwarf cabbage, Scottish cabbage, forage cabbage, cabbage horse "

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This vegetable is the appreciated of the farmers for its edible leaves, although it is cultivated in much of the world, it is more common to see it in its place of origin "Germany" Its cultivation is practiced in "Europe and North America" ​​its planting is very simple It is not very pretentious, it only needs that the cultivation area be cold.

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There are many varieties of kale, however the best known are

• "Mosbach"

• Great Green of Scotland

• ¨Semienana verde¨

• "Of Virtues"

The kale is widely used in the kitchen of international chefs, it is very versatile at the time of cooking because of its great ability to adapt in the cooking, you can eat raw, steamed, grilled, oven, pickled. It allows the preparation of hundreds of recipes, the Germans prepare the traditional recipe "kale with Pinkel", in the Netherlands they cook their usual "boerenkool stamppot" the Portuguese prepare the recipe for "green soup" the Spaniards appreciate it to prepare their traditional recipe "kale with potatoes and fried bacon"

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Salad with kale and black beans

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Pasta covered with kale\_cover\_image/public/sites/nbcutelemundo/files/images/article/2012/08/06/8penne-with-kale-and-white-b\_133944214970\_6.jpg?itok=O-6qTpLs  


Tortilla with kale and young garlic


Rolls of kale and ricotta


Chickpea and kale stew


Roasted chicken and kale


Another very practical way to consume kale is through its juice, green juices especially this vegetable, is very beneficial for the health of our body, it is also easy to prepare and can be combined with fruit juices or other vegetables.

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You should know that by consuming this vegetable, you are incorporating many benefits to your body such as healthy vitamins and minerals for your body.








Vitamin A, B, B6, C, E, K.

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The regular consumption of kale, in addition to receiving vitamins and minerals, is very beneficial for our health, its healing properties can prevent and fight many diseases, if you want to feel healthy, you should consider including the consumption of this vegetable in your daily intake.

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• Kale is the ideal ally for children and seniors, its "vitamin K" component, actively contributes to maintain and strengthen bones, nails and teeth.

• If you want to keep your heart healthy, it is essential that you consume this vegetable assiduously, this is possible thanks to its "Fiber" component that contributes to reduce "blood cholesterol levels", preventing "cardiovascular" affections.

• If you have afflictions related to the flu, you should consider including kale in your feeds, which makes it possible to prevent these diseases are its component of "vitamin C" its action of "antioxidant" contributes to reduce the "blood pressure" that It is also good for eye-related conditions.

Now that you know the benefits of the consumption of the "Cabbage" that you think, or how many times you will consume this wonderful product

• Once a month

• Once a week

• Once a day

**If you want to know more about the medical and scientific specifications and the benefits that the consumption of this plant brings, you just have to enter the links that I leave below.**




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Very Important: This publication is a compilation of information from different pages, in order to inform the properties of different fruits, vegetables or other foods. Do not make any determination based on this report, without first consulting with a nutrition or health professional.

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