Happiness is in the things you least seek and that make it worth living (countdown)

Source: Family album- Pixiz photomontages

Good morning to all the readers of golos.io. _Life and destiny is a true mystery, we never know what may happen the next day, that is why we must live every day as if it were the last. Do not look for happiness in material goods, happiness is always there, we should only be able to see i_t, it lies in the simple and small things of life.

The departures of Sundays have become a classic, the most grateful is my granddaughter Abigail, is expectant to the arrival of the weekend, everything makes us suppose that they will be fun days. In the last post comment that we are in full preparation of the birthday party of our granddaughter Abigail, we rent a party service in the commercial center of the city to enjoy the party.

We are only five days away from the celebration, the closer the party day seems, the more things we need to prepare or buy, the basic ornaments are being made by my daughter Brenda and my wife Gabriela, they seem simple things to do, but everything takes time, some things like labels and souvenir we send, today they were delivering us.

A few days ago we bought the sweets and toys that go inside the bags that are delivered next to the souvenir to the guests, as expected Abigail wanted to keep all the toys, we had to hide and assemble the bags at night, this way we avoid that our granddaughter did not want all the toys, in fact it is something common that happens, I believe that this is the way all children of her age are.

When you wait for a special day it becomes very long, Abigail is very excited about the birthday party, every day and every moment she asks how many days are missing for the celebration, her birthday is the 30th, only two days are missing, and the celebration is we do it on Friday, November 2nd.

This week she went out several times to take a walk, this celebrations has her nervous and anxious, the only way to calm her anxiety is going out for a walk in the city, there she has fun and she forgets a bit of things, in short You have to have a little patience with children, today they are very changed, they are not like when we were little, we almost did not realize what was happening around us.

These little things are where the happiness lies, to see the happy children makes you feel very good, we have visited the shopping center, the pedestrian, the games of the roundabout. Here are some pictures of these outings, I hope you find them to your liking.

Our little Sunday strolls are always fun, regardless of the place you visit or the money you have to spend, they always have a good time, because what matters in them is being with their loved ones. In this way ends our beautiful Sunday, nothing can be done against the disposition of the destination, rather than accept as it is presented and enjoy a beautiful family Sunday, see you next Sunday.

**I wish you all happiness, peace and prosperity!**

The images correspond to the family album

The camera used Nikon Coolpix B500

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