Happiness is in the things that you least seek and that make them worth living (Special visits)


Source: Family Album-P ixiz Photomontage


Good morning to all the readers of golos.io. Life and destiny is a true mystery, we never know what may happen the next day, that is why we must live every day as if it were the last. Do not look for happiness in material goods, happiness is always there, we should only be able to see it, it lies in the simple and small things of life.

The departures of Sundays have become a classic, the most grateful is my granddaughter Abigail, is expectant to the arrival of the weekend, everything makes us suppose that they will be fun days. We are just a month away from the Christmas celebrations, in the land without bad and party atmosphere is perceived, the shopping centers are already decorating the premises with Christmas reasons.


Abigail already has her head in the celebrations and in the gift that Santa Claus will bring, her anxiety is so great that we have to contain it, the only way to persuade her, is with the traditional Sunday strolls, something she loves is to visit the games of the center commercial.

When we get to the games our granddaughter forgets everything and becomes another girl, it's as if the fun reset her head, whatever she was thinking is forgotten, she just lives the fun of the moment, these are the things that we should learn from children.


If we look closely at our children, we will see that we can learn a lot from them, especially to know how to place our concerns in the right space and outside of it enjoy the simple things of life, which is where happiness lies.

As I said above. Abigail is transformed when she arrives at the games of the shopping center, she limits herself only to enjoying every game that is available and she does not stop playing until she visits all the games of the place, something that she enjoys a lot. I hope these images turn out to your liking



Our little Sunday strolls are always fun, regardless of the place you visit or the money you have to spend, they always have a good time, because what matters in them is being with their loved ones.

Thus ends our beautiful Sunday, nothing can be done against the disposition of the destination, rather than accept as it is presented and enjoy a beautiful family Sunday, see you next Sunday.

I wish you all happiness, peace and prosperity!

The images correspond to the family album

The camera used Nikon Coolpix B500

Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis


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