Flowery corner of the earth without evil



Good morning to all the readers of golos.io. Today I want to accompany you with another presentation of flowers of the earth without evil. My land is very beautiful, it has infinities of beautiful flowers, we have varieties that bloom in winter, but those that bloom in spring predominate, when my beautiful city becomes florid.

At this moment we are enjoying the spring here in my town, we appreciate every day that gives us spring, the fields are green and flowery by the small wild flowers that beautify the place, the 90 days of spring are the most beautiful to live in the land of taragui.


This beautiful floral plant, whose scientific name is "Hippeastrum Herb" belongs to a genus of plants known as "perennial and bulbous plants" that have their ancestry in the families of plants "Amaryllidaceae" one of the seventy-five species of this region, that goes from Argentina, Mexico and all the Caribbean. In many places they are confused with the natives of Africa, the "Amaryllis".


This beautiful flower is of a "herbaceous, perennial and bulbous" plant whose bulb varies between five and twelve centimeters, its leaves of up to nine centimeters long and flowers are supported by a hollow stem, in the propitious conditions, place where the plant feels comfortable, can grow up to seventy centimeters and carry up to seven leaves and fourteen flowers.



Although they are very well known plants in much of the world, these species are found massively east of Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico, are species of plants that live comfortably is subtropical and tropical soils, depending on the species, can live in very different conditions, totally exposed to the sun, submerged in water, arid and dry land


They are very appreciated by landscapers and gardeners, they are planted for ornamental purposes, public and private spaces and gardens, very used for their beautiful colors that vary according to their species, a plant that solves very well the unfinished space, fills and gives beautiful color to the place, ideal for nooks and crannies no showy, one or several plants of these is the solution to the place.

As you could read this simple plant "" Hippeastrum Herb "" is not a simple flower, it is a plant full of history and mysticism worthy of being disseminated.


I wish you all, happiness and prosperity

The images correspond to the family album

The camera used Nikon Coolpix B500

Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis


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