Flowery corner of the earth without evil The chrysanthemum


Good morning to all the readers of golos.io. The land of the taragui is home to hundreds of varieties of flowers, some native and others of migration. Corrientes is a tourist city, with the passing of the years we were receiving varieties from other countries brought by foreigners who came to the land without evil. Today I want to share with all of you this simple and beautiful flowering plant of Asia.

A few months ago we had to visit the center of the city, in front of the business where we were acquiring some products inaugurated a new square, a beautiful square in the heart of the city of Corrientes, a public space with lots of green and beautiful decorations with floral plants, There I took some pictures of this simple floral plant, its scientific name is "Chrysanthemum" one of the thirty species that make up its genus, have their ancestry in the families of the "Asteraceae" are native to "Asia and northeast Europe"



This beautiful plant is well known in much of the world as Chrysanthemums. There are records of their stock and cultivation in "China" 1500 years before the birth of Christ, there is even a city that bears his name "Ju-Xian" which means "City of Chrysanthemum" a very venerated plant, is consecrated as the "Flower of the imperial seal "they even pay tribute through a festival called" Festival of happiness "


The Chrysanthemums is very appreciated by landscapers and gardeners, for its great capacity for ornamentation, a plant that if grown in a greenhouse can give flowers throughout the year, landscapers use it to decorate and bloom the gardens throughout the year, so that are migrating species, because each species has its time of flowering, these species are identified by their colors, ranging from traditional yellow or gold, white, red, purple.



A very simple and flowery plant, of great recognition and veneration in the world, "Japan" adopted it with the "national flower" that represents its country, "Imperial Seal of Japan:" Crown of chrysanthemum. "In" China "it They adopted it as "the flower of wisdom." The American states consider it "the flower of joy" while "Chicago" adopted it as "the official flower." The Spaniards use it to symbolize "Everyone's Day." the Saints"


As you have read, this simple plant of "Chrysanthemums" is not a simple flower, it is a plant full of history and mysticism worthy of being spread.


I hope that my writing has been to your liking.

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