Flowery corner of the earth without evil Flower of tutia

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Good morning to all the readers of golos.io. The land without bad is very fertile, rich in vitamins and minerals that makes it propitious to practice agriculture or floriculture, in addition, the meadows and plains host hundreds of wild plants that embellish the place. Nature is wise! He knows what he does.

Nothing more pleasant than getting up before sunrise and appreciate the rich aromas brought by the easterly winds, fresh and sweet aromas of small wild floral plants, which nature gives to those people who know how to take advantage of the simplicities of these beautiful flowers, listen to the song of the thrush and imagine the meadows loaded with small wild flowers._

Today loved to share with you some beautiful photographs of this wild plant that grow in our region, its scientific name is "Solanum sisymbriifolium" however it harbors many names that was acquired over time, many call it "Red Thorn , bust horse, enguiac-laté, putuy, tutia colorado, tutiapitá, putuí, mboi-rembiú; peié sukét, ndiák-laaité, lilín kachú, mamuel mapú lawén, fluatí pytá "The names vary according to the regions in which it grew spontaneously.


The unraveling of its shade means: "Solanum" is a Latin word meaning "comfort-relief" making mention of its healing properties and the acronym "sisymbriifolium" refers to the similarity of its leaves with another species called "Sisymbrium cruciferas" a plant widely used by indigenous people for the cure of kidney related conditions_


This beautiful plant has its ancestry in the families of the "Solanaceas" and is native to these lands of "South America" ​​it develops very well in places of temperate climates, it is very common to find them in "Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Brazil". In ideal soil you can get to develop very well and grow up to the meter high, its stems are covered with thorns, its flowers can vary from blue to white with yellow center, its small red fruits, similar to a cherry tomato can be consume when it is well mature.


The plant of the tutia is very appreciated for its healing powers, used for the affections of "digestive, hepatic, antihypertensive disorders". There are different ways of use with different results, for example for liver problems it is recommended to use small buds, to use it as a diuretic it is necessary to boil the root and ingest it as water, as for the use of the flowers it is recommended for the affections of the urinary tract._


As you have read, this simple plant of the "tutia" is not a simple flower, it is a plant full of history and mysticism worthy of being spread.


I hope that my writing has been to your liking.

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