Florid corner of the earth without evil Margarita Punzo

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Good morning to all the readers of golos.io. The land without bad is very fertile, rich in vitamins and minerals that makes it propitious to practice agriculture or floriculture, in addition, the meadows and plains host hundreds of wild plants that embellish the place. Nature is wise! He knows what he does.

Nothing more pleasant than getting up before sunrise and appreciate the rich aromas brought by the easterly winds, fresh and sweet aromas of small wild floral plants, which nature gives to those people who know how to take advantage of the simplicities of these beautiful flowers, listen to the song of the thrush and imagine the meadows loaded with small wild flowers.


Today loved to share with you some beautiful photographs of wild plants that grow spontaneously in the earth without evil, one morning you wake up and you perceive its fresh perfumes that give at dawn, its scientific name is "Glandularia" one of the " 104 species "that make up its genus, have their ancestry in the families of" Verbenaceae "are native to" America "


This small plant has healing powers, our ancestors worshiped it for its miraculous powers to treat the affections of flu and cold, natural vitalizing, ideal to combat physical or mental fatigue, ideal for muscle aches, prevents and reduces the slow intestinal transit , recommended for people who have fatty liver and many other conditions, can be consumed in the form of tea.



Now it's time to introduce your sister cousin of scientific name "Glandularia peruviana" also descended from the families of the "Verbenaceae" It is native to South America, grows spontaneously and wild in fields and meadows its vivid color makes it stand out from the herbs., they are considered creeping herbs, the close friends call it "Margarita Punzo" there are those who refer to it as "field daisy", others call it "daisy" red ", some" red verbena "and the English refer to as" Peruvian mock vervain "



Although it is known to grow exponently in the meadows or fields, it is highly prized by gardeners who practice their sowing in domestic form, used for their resistance to decorate gardens, you could practice their sowing through their seed or small segments, just you have to take into account the planting place, since it requires a lot of sun and water. A plant much venerated by the ancient inhabitants of the area for its healing powers, it gives you its stems and leaves without their roots was recommended to women with long menstrual periods , also used for its anti-fever, eye irritation, "digestive and antispasmodic"


As you have read, this simple plant of "Glandularia" is not a simple flower, it is a plant full of history and mysticism worthy of being spread.


I hope that my writing has been to your liking.

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